Reaching 500KM: Doing More When You Can

Many of you may or may not know that in 2016–2017 I took my kids out of school and traveled for 12 months to 11 different countries doing charity work. Our goal was to raise one million dollars for various charities knowing that 7,000 people donating $12.00/month for 12 months would equal one million dollars. Our hope was that we would give the entire amount to the many different charities we visited to help them with their initiatives.

We did everything from digging toilets to teaching English to help with injured animals and supporting the Syrian refugees. It was a life-changing experience, to say the least, but we didn’t even come close to making our one million dollar goal.

Last year Peter and I cycled 5,000 kilometers to raise funds to support the Sunshine Foundation of Canada by providing much-needed equipment for several disabled children. As rewarding as it was, we came up very short of our goal once again.

This year we are cycling 6,700 kilometers to the Top of the World Highway with a goal to build a school in Cambodia for rural and impoverished children that have no access to schools, education, or an aspiring future. I desperately want to change that by building the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope and provide a place for kids who deserve so much to learn, grow, and step into their greatest potential.

In the past I haven’t reached my goal; I’ve come up short and just took what we received and donated that. I want to be honest and share that I am NOT willing to come up short on this very important initiative. I believe in this and see this school already being built in my mind’s eye. Never have I been so committed to raising funds for something that I know will change the lives of so many children and their children and generations to come.

I am asking everyone I know, each Ignite author, my friends, and anyone reading my blog to be a part of helping build this school and support these children. Every dollar buys a brick that goes toward the four-classroom school to house 80 kids. With 1,400 people donating just $25.00 each, we can reach our goal! We all have $25.00 to help change a life, build a future, and Ignite a young mind to what is possible for them.

Here is the link for you to make your $25.00 donation. If you are reading this, then that means you are one of the amazing 1,400 people destined to be a part of this project and give a child in Cambodia a life filled with Possibilities.

We are honored to be partnering with the Classroom of Hope Organization. They give me hope when I see the work they have done and the young lives they are profoundly impacting. Learn more about Classroom of Hope here.

As we reach the 500-kilometer mark of our ride, we ask you to be one of the first 500 people to donate $25.00 toward building a school. Let’s embark on this journey of giving together.

Xoxo, JB