Ignite Forgiveness

Touching hearts, Igniting Lives.

Ignite Forgiveness is Ignite’s 18th book in our beloved compilation series!

Introducing Ignite Forgiveness: a bold, insightful book that showcases a diverse and dynamic selection of authors sharing their powerful stories of forgiveness. Their Ignite Moments™, those moments of transformation after growth, change, or challenge, will show you just how life-changing forgiveness can be.

When you order a copy of Ignite Forgiveness, you will also receive a special bonus eBook that compiles each author’s lovingly crafted prayers, poems, and affirmations about forgiveness.

About The Book

Freedom. Joy. Peace. Did you know that these are the emotions forgiveness can awaken within you? Do you want to see how forgiveness is not a weakness, but a bold, powerful strength?

If you are ready to let go of the pain of the past and step into the incredible possibilities and future joy that awaits you, forgiveness is a virtue that you need in your life. Forgiveness allows you to move forward, to Ignite your life in exciting new ways. In Ignite Forgiveness, you’ll discover the stories of 27 authors who did just that. The true, emotional experiences shared will illuminate for you the strength and greatness forgiveness holds.

Let the lessons learned from the stories our authors share Ignite your own life and show you the path to happiness, peace, and knowledge through forgiving. Within these pages, you’ll discover stories of triumph, of discovering a new path, of overcoming obstacles, of gaining new insight and a fresh outlook on life. These authors are here to awaken you to something more and invite you to join them in a new world that sees forgiveness as a superpower.

We are always doing something exceptional to dazzle our readers! Ignite Forgiveness contains a beautifully designed, special selection of affirmations, prayers, and poems written by our authors that tenderly and compassionately explore forgiveness and show you a new dimension to this wonderful virtue. Between each chapter, you will find their sentimental and caring words to take you one step further in welcoming forgiveness in.

Embark on a journey filled with Ignite Moments™ and discover your own! Everyone has experienced an Ignite Moment in their lives — a powerful moment when a sudden realization hits and your entire perspective changes, transforming your actions and your life for the better. This book contains 27 Ignite Moments and as you are moved by the stories you read and empowered by the advice and wisdom inside, you too will have your own Ignite Moment! These stories are that good!

Alongside these powerful Ignite Moments™, each author has shared powerful Action Steps that you can follow to create impactful change in your own life. These supportive steps will spark all the blessings forgiveness can bring for you!

Come discover a new brightness and brilliance to life when you explore the power of forgiveness. Invite in more growth, connection, confidence, freedom, transformation, empowerment, inspiration, and knowledge. Forgiveness can bring all of these things, and this book is a testament to the powerful way forgiveness Ignites our lives.

Your purchase of this book supports the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope initiative. Proceeds from the book will support the building of eco-brick schools in Indonesia to provide impoverished students with an education and reduce plastic pollution in local waters.


BY Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, Owner of the Excellerated Business School® and Money and You®

“The number one tool to self-mastery is forgiveness.”

Forgiveness has been a discipline that has taken me through a profoundly transformational journey. At moments, I have witnessed a wondrous result — almost divine! At other times, it has taken me many years to see the blessings and the benefits.

Ultimately, forgiveness has brought me tremendous peace and an under-standing of others. You could say that forgiveness has allowed me to ‘make things right,’ as taught in the sacred Ho’oponopono forgiveness process that I have been practicing since November 1984.

There’s so much I can say about forgiveness because the practice has changed my life. It has allowed me to constantly elevate my ‘deservability’ level to create more success and prosperity in my personal and business life.

I am honored to be invited to do the foreword for this powerful book, Ignite Forgiveness, and I encourage you to devour every word in every chapter. Each story is a gift from the author that provides us with an opportunity to learn from the experience. Sharing with others what we have learned from our mistakes, corrections, and redemptions can save us from tremendous pain, suffering, and separation from those we love.

Forgiveness is the key to a purpose-driven life. It allows us to speak more lovingly and take actions that are congruent with a life of integrity. That alone will bring you tremendous respect, appreciation, and admiration from others.

One of my greatest experiences of forgiveness takes me back to my early ‘30s when I embarked on a 5,588-mile trip from Los Angeles, California, to Santiago, Chile, to find the man whom I used to call ‘the sperm donor.’ When people asked me a question about my father, I used to shock them with my response, “Oh, you mean the sperm donor.” Sometimes they would nervously laugh, and it wouldn’t take long for me to willingly explain why I was calling this human who had given me life by such a contemptuous name.

And, as many know, the learning experiences that are offered by the Universe can lead us to ‘complete’ with the precious people in our lives, such as our parents, family members, and business associates — anyone from whom we may have felt dishonored, hurt, taken advantage of, or abused by. Some of those incidents could live in our consciousness forever until cleared. I believe that when the Universe gives us a lesson or a situation to heal through forgiveness, it’s wise to see it through.





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