Ignite Publishing™ is the leader in empowerment publishing. Through sharing the true, transformational stories of people’s Ignite Moments™, we have curated some of the best content on the planet that comes from a place of authenticity and power. As publishers, our desire is to empower, inspire, and support you to Ignite your life. We want you to share your story so you can Ignite the lives of others too. Our books bring together the best insights in the areas of Health and Wellness, Business and Finance, Relationships and Parenting, and Personal Development and Self Growth.

Ignite Publishing™ believes that every person deserves to be truly seen, heard, and valued for who they are in a supportive, enriching community. By uplifting individuals to share their Ignite Moments™, we empower them to change the world, positively impacting all of humanity.

Our dynamic 4-month writing process turns you into an “authorpreneur” and teaches you the business of publishing with a guiding and supportive hand. We publish Ignite Moments™, those moments that transform your life and set you on a new, greater path. We know that everyone has a powerful story and their own life-changing moment. We want to help you write yours.

We Empower You to Share Your Ignite Moments™

For many, publishing can seem like a daunting goal. Time, cost, and not knowing where to begin can hold people back. Writing can feel lonely. We understand this and we’ve tailored our publishing process to make it fun and easy to become a bestselling author. Your fellow authors make writing less lonely. We walk you through editing, marketing, promoting, and more all through a tried and true step-by-step process that includes weekly mastermind calls, bi-monthly writing nests, one-on-one editing meetings, and any additional support you need. We put the fun in the fundamentals of publishing!

We believe that success occurs when all areas of your life are in harmony and working positively. That is why all our products support the complete you and uplift and empower that mind, body, and spirit.



WHAT Ignite Publishing™ is GREAT AT

Our Ignite Publishing™ Author Community is the cornerstone of all that we do. We have the most amazing, heart-centered authors who believe that helping others is a must in their lives. Ignite Publishing™ vets all our clients making sure that each one has the mindset of empowering humanity while empowering themselves. The health and positivity of our clients is our number one priority and we work admittedly at providing the best service and results with the most extraordinary people around the globe.

Hundreds of authors have come to us and we have made them international best-sellers on Amazon in both our compilation books and their own solo projects. People who were terrified to write have succeeded. Authors who have struggled with writer’s block have become victorious. Individuals who longed to be published but didn’t know how to begin have reached best-seller status in a matter of months — delighted, triumphant, and empowered. From homemakers to teenagers, from nomads to millionaires, we have systematically assisted authors in fulfilling their writing goals and reaching their sought-after dreams.


Ignite Publishing™ makes sure every author’s voice is honored and conveyed. We work with you so that your writing is out in the public; being enjoyed. We foster creativity and empower you to find your own unique, artistic message. A lot of people struggle to get started writing, so we dispel all the anxiety and make it easy to succeed. Many complete their writing but need tangible support to take it to the next level and get it onto the shelves and in the reader’s hands.

We have perfected an easy to accomplish, fun to do, and a fantastic learning process that enhances your writing style and increases your writing confidence. Our team of editors meticulously craft with you, one-on-one, your words to properly express your message. Our Mastermind groups educate you on everything from writing practices, to marketing needs, to launch tactics and success strategies.


We’ve created a successful system that takes you from dreaming about being published to actually being published, in just 4 months.! We walk you through it, month to month, with weekly calls and bi-monthly Writing Nests to get you to the finish line, easily, effortlessly, and with total confidence. We remove all barriers and show you exactly what it takes to succeed while doing it with you. A lot of programs tell you how to do it, we do it with you, so you have your completed book, in your hands, ready for market!

Our Accomplishments

Called “the heart-centered publisher” by Forbes, Ignite Publishing™ paves the way for a new wave of publishing that focuses on uplifting all who write, read, and share Ignite Moments™ with us.

Ignite Publishing™ is different from any other publishing house in the industry. First, we value our authors. We get to know them, personally, professionally, and take their needs, values, and desires into account. Ignite Publishing™ works side-by-side with them to get the results they want; listening to their needs and respecting their long term objectives.

We work from a place where Igniting others in the pursuit of one’s dreams matters, and each one of our authors has the personal mandate to do just that. We chose heart over profit and community over commodities. Our success in producing international bestselling books month after month is derived from our dedication to creating excellence in everyone.

We are proud to publish Ignite Moments™ that have transformed the lives of our authors. Their stories of empowerment, hope, healing, change, and growth have inspired countless people around the world.