Ignite Your Parenting

Ignite Your Life For Parents is a compilation of incredibly powerful stories of parents from across the globe. The stories demonstrate how we can take ownership of their lives and use our parenting experiences to step into true freedom, authentic love, and meaningful connection.

The parents profiled in this book share their inspirational stories, that encompass themes of compassion, unconditional love, joy, acceptance, patience, empowerment, trust and so much more.

About The Book

The parent-child relationship is truly a journey for ourselves, as much as it is for the child. In an age of disconnection, we all seek to reconnect and experience the love that is available to us. We share stories of taking the path back to our truest self, and our hearts, so that our children can grow to become the best and most beautiful versions of themselves. The parents profiled in this book have overcome many hindrances to their own greatness, by embracing the courage and wisdom within, and leaning into the guidance of others on the path of love.

It is our job to become the most beautiful and authentic versions of ourselves, by clearing the limiting beliefs and pain patterns that may hold us back. True leadership and guidance is just that – leading with the light and love within us. Our children deserve better, as do we.

Let us inspire you into your own greatness.

“It is in the stories that you will find courage, perseverance, and tenacity, along with unconditional love, overwhelming acceptance, and deep, unwavering devotion. These are the many sides of conscious parenting.”


Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist, Best-Selling Author


I had the joy of meeting Dr. Shafali in Tallinn, Estonia at a conference on personal growth. She asked a few audience members to come up onstage and share some issues they were having with their kids in the hopes of discovering the underlying issues. Two brave souls and I stood in front of a thousand people and told the intimate and private troubles we were currently facing. One lady shared how she couldn’t get her teenager to do anything she said. The man beside me expressed how he felt he didn’t belong at such a conference. His parenting didn’t come close to what was expected and a part of him, he admitted, wanted to run and hide like a kid.

It isn’t every day you get face-to-face time with one of the greatest minds in the parenting space. Her best-selling books have changed the way millions of people parent. Her innovative ideas have transformed families around the world, and she is repeatedly shown on Oprah spreading her revolutionary message of conscious parenting. I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to honestly share and get some insight into my parenting challenges.

Coincidentally, the day before I had gotten into a bit of fray with my teenage son. He too was attending the conference along with my 11-year-old daughter. We were on a one-month immersion for families where both the adults and kids learn personal development and self-improvement skills. I was feeling a bit off that day. My energy was low, my hormones jumbled. It was clear to me I was ovulating and I needed some quiet space. But, like a bee to honey (or a dog after a bone), my son was following me, pestering me, insisting he get maximum attention from my off-balanced self.



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Bonnie Chan
Catherine Malli-Dawson
Christy Yates
Elise Edmeades
Elysse Green
Faraaz Ãlì
Gina Ingram
Helle Brodie
Helle Simonsen
Hilary Cole
Ivana Antunović
JB Owen
Jodi Law
Kara Ann Block
Madalina Petrescu
Michaela De Sapio-Yazar
Olivia M. Dam
Parth Nilawar
Phyllis Roberto
Saydee Jordan
Sally Daniels
Sara Feldman
Shrreya Shah
Stacey Yates Sellar
Steven J. Posner
Sunaina Vohra
Tanja Powell
Ulla Jovkovic
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Virginia L Lehay
Yendre Shen

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