Ignite Your Wisdom

Ignite Your Wisdom is a book that showcases 34 authors sharing their powerful, inspiring stories of awakening through their Ignite Moments, where they discover the ultimate gift: a soul-deep, transformational wisdom.

About The Book

Do you know the universe has infinite, awakening wisdom to share with you? Do you want to read inspirational stories of wisdom that will enlighten you and set you on your own path to balanced, purposeful, and joyful living?

If you are ready to step into the next chapter of your life with clarity, knowledge, and the kind of wisdom that awakens you to all of life’s possibilities, Ignite Your Wisdom is a book created to do just that! 34 authors have collaborated to share with you their genuine, transformational, and uplifting stories of uncovering their own powerful, life-changing wisdom. Let the lessons learned from their stories ignite your own life and fill you with deep, soul-blessing wisdom. Within these pages, you’ll discover stories of triumph, of discovering a new path, of overcoming obstacles, of gaining new insight and a fresh outlook on life. These authors are here to awaken you to something more and invite you to join them in a new world filled with outstanding wisdom for the ages.

Embark on a journey filled with Ignite Moments and discover your own! Everyone has experienced an ‘Ignite Moment’ in their lives — a powerful moment when a sudden realization hits and your entire perspective changes, transforming your actions and your life for the better. This book contains 34 of them. When you’re finished reading, you will make 35! These stories are that good! Come discover more with us. Invite in more joy, purpose, awakening, enlightenment, transformation, empowerment, inspiration, and knowledge. Wisdom is all of these things, and this book is a testament to the powerful way wisdom moves in our lives. This book has stories about:

  • Overcoming pain and finding healing
  • The freedom of joyful surrender
  • Finding wisdom in grief
  • Opening up to your intuition
  • And more!

Your purchase of this book supports the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope initiative. Proceeds from the book will support the building of a school in Indonesia to provide impoverished students with an education.


BY JB Owen

Welcome to a beautiful book about wisdom. A compilation book designed to instill new ideas, heartfelt support, and nuggets of wisdom derived from individuals just like you. This book has come together in record time as each of the authors happily shared their special knowledge knowing that it was destined to arrive, right here, in your hands. All the maneuvering, deciding, actions, information, and an internal “yes” had to transpire for you to be holding it as you are. It is a wonderful thought to behold. Imagine all the steps that were taken, from gathering these authors to writing, editing, printing, marketing, managing, and making sure that whatever needed to happen, occurred so that you could be reading it now. That shows just how marvelous and magical “everything” is to support wisdom to unfold in this way. As you open the pages and read the stories, we know that the right and perfect story, written just for you, will stand out and impact your life. We are sure of it, and we are excited for you. Excited that the wisdom you seek has arrived, wrapped in a book, perfectly designed for you, ready to propel you forward, as it touches your heart and fills your mind with glorious new ideas and insight. After you read it, what you do with this knowledge is yet to be discovered. How you take the wisdom from here and go forward will be the journey you decide. The journey of discovery, transformation, and change is often filled with the most extraordinary life lessons and profound awakenings. We hope one of our stories will be the catalyst for precisely that. Where you take your-self after you finish this book will be a gift to the world that we are excited to witness. May your wisdom be deep and vast, epic and grand, gregarious and filled with glee. Wisdom illuminates the path and can bring inspiration on one’s journey! On our journey to IGNITE Wisdom, we found truths, uncovered myster-ies, and discovered intimate details about ourselves. We share our wisdom moments with the hope that our light brings inspiration to you and many new discoveries along your path. ~ Ignite Author, Jameece Pinckney They often say wisdom comes from hindsight. The ability to look back and see something from a diff erent perspective and gain valuable information from it. While writing this book, all of the authors took the time to look back and fi nd the wisdom within their personal journeys. Then they put them here, within these pages, ladened with insights and oozing with knowledge, hoping to pass that on to you. For me, wisdom seems to have been the word of the year. Many things have happened to bring wisdom to the forefront. Changes, adaptations, growth, and life’s endless wonders have fi lled me with a plethora of wanted and warranted wisdom. I have learned wisdom is a unique thing. It can come in waves like a bashing ocean, relentless in its delivery. It can sneak up on you like a baby fawn, quietly meandering through the forest. It can come in a raging fi re or show up like a thundering storm. Wisdom takes all shapes, sizes, and forms; formidable when it arrives, impactful when it takes hold. It can yank your breath away in an instant and then leave you reeling for years, all designed to awaken you and make you pay attention. CONTINUE READING IN THE BOOK!





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