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In the pages of this book, you will meet 35 individuals whose unique adventures went further than the token tourist trap or destinations highlighted on a map. These are the Adventurous Spirits that took venturing to a whole new level.

About The Book

Their quests come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them climbed to the top of a mountain while others swam with the sharks, yet all of them took a detour from the charted path to discover and uncover something more. They wanted a deeper meaning, more clarity, and to find a part of themselves that felt lost. Journeying outward became a portal inward to a magical, personal land. Just like Aladdin discovering the Cave of Wonders, home to the most extraordinary treasures, they unearthed the priceless gifts of peace, realizations, and the greatest of all — finding one’s Self.

The richest experience is exploring and discovering who you are. Adventure catapults your thinking, awakens your spirit, tantalizes your senses, and frees your soul. Every word in this book was crafted with that idea… IGNITING you to discover exactly who you want to be. 

It is better to experience life by doing, rather than observing and overthinking.


Faraaz Ali, International Best-Selling Author


Willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.

The nonphysical part of a person which is the center of emotions and character; the soul.

Since the beginning of time, adventurers have been thought of as people who were in search of something. Columbus traveled to find new lands. Marco Polo did so to open new trade routes. Most early explorers had a purpose or cause and sought out travel as a means to a desirable result. Without knowing the minds of these early explorers, can we say for sure if that was their only reason? We can never truly know, but it is hard to imagine risking one’s life on treacherous, unbridled oceans and through hostile enemy territory if passion, yearning or inner conviction wasn’t part of the equation.

Going against rational thought and venturing forth for months at sea, or traversing snow-capped mountains (with nothing more than animal skins on their feet), may have had a deeper intention than simply expanding commerce. The swell of excitement at seeing land mystically appearing on the horizon or the tenacious desire to discover what would unfold over the next rocky ridge had to come from a powerful internal motivation as much as, if not more than, from a ruler’s command.

Today, travel has become easy, and adventure more accessible. Boarding a plane or taking a short train ride can bring you to an exotic new place or magical unknown town. A quick google search or call on your phone can have you booked on a ticket around the world. Gone are the days where traveling to the coast took weeks or boarding a transatlantic ship meant you were bobbing at sea for months on end.



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Albert Urena
Aleanu Imbert Matthee
Alexandra Blake
Andonia Reynolds
Angela Legh
Charlene Ray
Charlie Ropsy
Damian Culhane
Deborah Choong
Elena Rodríguez Blanco
Eva Kettles
Faraaz Ãlì
Hanit Benbassat
Hanna Meirelles
Janie Jurkovich
JB Owen
Joanna M. Walton
John D. Russell
Kamelia Britton
Katarina Amadora
Kate Withey
Kersti Niglas
Linda Elie
Mariflor Arcoiris
Micah Nelson
Michael Brighteyes
Mystère Poème
Nadia La Russa
Ravi Muti
Scott Owen Harrell
Tanya Lopez
Tara Heinzen
Yaana Hauvroesh
Yendre Shen
Yoram Baltinester

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