When you tell your Ignite MomentsTM story, you transform not only your life, but the lives of others. Be it a traumatic moment, a loss, a win, an accomplishment, or a dream for the future, when you share with others, you set in motion new results. Writing your story and sharing your learning transforms you and the reader. It creates a new possibility in you and has a profound impact on many others. So many authors just want to inspire, for the better, the life of one person. When you tell your Ignite MomentsTM story, you empower the lives of thousands.

Why Join the Ignite PublishingTM Community?


Ignite PublishingTM Masterminds are a powerful and dynamic way to accelerate your productivity. Meeting weekly with the other authors in the book builds connections while at the same time enhancing the overall experience of writing a profound and powerful piece.


Ignite PublishingTM is a community of individuals from every corner of the globe, filled with diversity and uniqueness. Our community is made up of some of the most heart-centered and positive-minded people on the planet. You will not find a group of authors anywhere more committed to raising the vibration of humanity while up-leveling themselves at the same time.


No other publishing house doing compilation books is offering one-on-one editing with three different editors at three different times in the process. Ignite PublishingTM produces fantastic content and that is because our authors get private and personal time with the editors to work directly on their stories, making them magnificent.


Many authors wanting to write their own solo books will begin by writing an Ignite story to learn the process. They discover what it takes to craft a story, edit it discerningly, see the manufacturing process, learn the market aspects, and work through a successful book launch. Doing these steps breaks the glass ceiling and prepares them for the success of their own future book.


Publishing a book can be overly expensive when you do it all alone. Many authors never even start or burn out in the process trying to handle all the costs. Writing a book in a group makes it incredibly affordable. In fact with Ignite, your best-selling chapter can cost less than having a logo made or a fancy branding package produced. Most importantly, the fee equals a result. You don’t just learn how to get published, YOU GET PUBLISHED!

How We Serve

We inspire possibilities in the every day life.
Ignite Humanity

Our upcoming book and docuseries, Ignite Humanity, is for those with a powerful message to share, a message you want to both write and speak about. We’re searching around the world for those who look to the future and want to Ignite the planet. This book and docuseries will catalog the diverse and impactful insights each one of us have on humanity and the light we can bring into the world.


Ignite Institute

Provides epic training classes. Authors with outstanding programs will be facilitators in the Institute and create multi-layered content through video, training, workbooks, and live calls. This fun, supportive, interactive learning model will take you to that quantum leap you are looking for.


Ignite Connect

The heart and soul of our community. This is where the authors come together and build connections through community boards, a volunteer platform, author events pages, and the SWAP and MATCH programs for authors to meet and stay connected on a personal and service basis.

Ignite your Message

If you’re ready to get everything Ignite Your Brand and a White Glove book has to offer, plus even more tailored services from Ignite, Ignite Your Message is the next step to launching your book and brand identity to stardom. Featuring book development, editing, and marketing services, plus impeccable brand training, this service allows you to leverage your brand with a book, and vice versa.


Ignite your Impact

We teach our clients how to discover their voice and use it to make an incredible, lasting impact in their field. Ignite Your Impact combines business development, brand training, and a solo book published by Ignite. Over this 8 month process, extended from Ignite Your Message’s 6 month program, Ignite Your Impact sets our clients on the path to making major waves in the world.


Ignite TelevisionTM

The newest platform in positive television, video, and movie content. This channel showcases authors through Empowercasts and Immersions. It provides inspirational video and uplifting content through our Facebook page and YouTube channels. Soon to air is our new docuseries: Ignite What's Possible.


Stories – Connection – Community

IgniteopediaTM is a groundbreaking platform where people can share their Ignite MomentsTM and connect with others in a profound way that will Ignite and inspire.


At Ignite, we recogize the power of those life altering moments that awaken us and become the foundation of possibilities for both ourselves and others.

Since 2019, Ignite PublishingTM has been publishing Ignite MomentsTM from individuals around the globe in their 19 highly-acclaimed compilation books. Those stories have changed the lives of millions of people and still counting. With such success and global impact, we realize Ignite MomentsTM have the power to Ignite HumanityTM for every person on the planet.

IgniteopediaTM is how we can all come together and use storytelling to change the course of humanity and create a new space for connection, understanding, and open hearts. Stories are at the core of humanity, join us as we celebrate each and every one of them.

Ask yourself: how much closer would we all be if every person on the planet had a platform to tell their powerful, life-changing Ignite Moment?

Our mission is to Ignite 7 billion lives by creating a platform where 7 billion Ignite MomentsTM are shared. IgniteopediaTM is how we’re doing it.

The global book for those who want to change the world

Do you have a vision for the future of humanity? One that is joyful, exciting, and visionary? Now is the time to share it.

We’re searching worldwide for those who look to the future and want to Ignite the planet. Our upcoming book, Ignite Humanity™, is for those with a powerful message to share that you desire to share with the world through writing and speaking. This book will catalog the diverse and impactful insights each of us has on humanity and the light we can bring into the world.

Humanity is about connection, how we connect with others, create impact, and Ignite the world! Ignite Publishing™ wants people like you who understand how we can create an amazing world that puts people first.


Storytelling from exciting, vibrant, and caring humanitarians and entrepreneurs await you at Ignite Humanity Live! Be part of the conversation!

Every week, Ignite Humanity brings you a brand new special guest with a unique insight, experience, and story of igniting humanity. See how other people are making an impact and discover how to become a change-maker on a global scale yourself! When you join us live, you can even ask our guests your burning questions!

With a focus on community and what we can do together, Ignite Humanity Live invites viewers everywhere to join the movement and create a space in their own circles for humanity to shine.


World-Class Leaders - Interactive Discussions - Life-Changing Ideas

We were all born to leave an impact on this planet. I discovered that being an entrepreneur fulfilled me the most when I was 9 years old. This was when I began my first entrepreneurial quest selling handmade jewelry outside the pub while waiting for my father.

It excited me to discover my customer's needs, often ones they didn’t know they had and sell them the solution. I felt the joy of knowing I had put a smile on someone’s face by showing the women that I would make my jewelry for that they could treat themselves and the men that accompanied them the value of giving a loving gift to their partner.

Everything about it was a win, win, win. I felt pride in selling something I had made; my customer felt great because they now had a solution to a problem they had just realized existed, and their wives and girlfriends were happy to know their partner was thinking of them.

Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur and businesswoman, one thing that became clear to me was that any business I ran had to have what I have come to call the “Triple Win.” Even this has evolved into the 4x, 5x win. I win, my team wins, my client wins, the people my client interacts with win, and humanity overall wins from so many people benefiting and transforming. To me, seeing the benefits when everyone wins is the fundamental essence of succeeding in business.

That Triple Win mentality pushed me to continually think of ideas that would create joy for everyone. This mindset conceptualized the Legacy Lounge; I wanted to provide a powerful learning and connection experience that benefitted the ideas, plans, and growth of everyone in attendance.

The Triple Win is part of my legacy. I want to create a world that has a better, more heart-centered way of doing business where there are no losers, and everyone's a winner.

That is my Legacy. What is yours? Let’s discover it and Ignite it together.

Become a Speaker

Many authors aspire to one day be on stage — speaking. At Ignite we create magical experiences in amazing cities for you to do just that. At our book launches around the world, we make sure you get to share your story and impact people in person. We create memorable opportunities for you to take your authorship to the next level by being up on stage.

IgniteTM Your Signature Talk



It’s hard to stand out against so many others, but with the right tools and determination, you can make a statement and stand out from the rest.

It’s all about having an amazing, inspiring, and impactful signature talk. This is where you share your main message with people and show what you are all about. Pinpointing that message and finding the unique, personal life experiences you can share to deliver that message is just the beginning.


What you will Learn:

Have you ever wanted to give powerful training sessions and workshops to your networks and clients but always fell short of crafting your perfect speech?

In this 1-day exclusive workshop you will learn everything you need to create a transformational and compelling speech that everyone will want to listen to!​

  • Everything you need to know how to write your ignite speech.
  • How to transform your 15 minute speech into a 5 hour workshop.
  • How to modify your Ignite story and turn it into a winning training.
  • How to captivate your audience through sparking their imagination
  • Giving them the Ignite feel and rocket it into their future.
Are you ready to start sharing your message and create the foundation for your journey as a speaker? It all starts with your signature talk.

Possibilities School of Hope Fundraiser

Igniting lives is about more than telling the stories of incredible individuals across the globe. We believe it is also about empowering the amazing children of this world to create their own stories and futures — discovering endless possibilities for success and happiness.

Help us reach our goals!

Ten thousand bricks will build a classroom, but 35,000 bricks will build an entire school! We are raising funds to purchase 35K bricks toward building an entire school. Be a part of something incredible that is going to impact the lives of so many families, providing hope and possibilities for their lives and future to come.

Here is how you can contribute:

  • Purchase any of our books on Amazon
  • Purchase and download a digital copy of our books through Amazon
  • Purchase any of our books via our Online Marketplace


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