December 9th-11th, 2021

Ignite the Hunger in You Virtual Summit

Ignite the Hunger in You with Les Brown and JB Owen

With the release of Ignite’s bestselling book with Les Brown, the authors of Ignite the Hunger in You joined us on the virtual stage for a 3 day event filled with powerful storytelling, inspiring tales of success, and how each author discovered and ignited their inner drive for something better. The Summit was a resounding success and allowed our authors to connect with others who needed stories of inspiration and of discovering your inner greatness and hunger so that they could go out and have their own Ignite Moment. Les Brown joined us as our keynote speaker, and other amazing special guests like Manny Lopez, Gary Sanchez, and Dr. Finance joined us to share their wisdom with our audience. Every speaker was hungry to share how they transformed their lives. We were among award-winning entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders, inspirational change agents, life coaches, and more. With an expansive set of credentials and backgrounds, our speakers had some unbelievable stories to share from the heart.

February 12th, 2022

Ignite Love Virtual Summit

Ignite Love

Ignite gathered a powerful group of love experts together for an incredible day-long virtual summit that featured stories of self-discovery, heartfelt relationships, and healing through love. Many of our speakers were also authors, especially in the internationally bestselling Ignite Love, which was re-released just in time for the summit. Drawn together by their desire for a new understanding of love— one that encompasses self-love, romantic love, family, friendships, and love for the universe— our guests had an amazing time learning from our speakers. At the event, we invited everyone to rewire and reframe how we think of ourselves. We chose to embrace love and recognize ourselves as deserving of powerful, passionate, and soul-altering love. We celebrated love: one of the most powerful forces on the planet! We showed how love has the ability to heal our loneliness and quiet the critical thoughts in our heads, how it can open new doors and forge new, amazing connections.

Why Write with Ignite?

Ignite Publishing™ is everything EMPOWERMENT! We desire to inspire and support you to live your best life and achieve greatness. We believe that it starts with curating and producing profound, soul-enriching content in the areas of Health and Wellness, Business and Finance, Relationships and Parenting, plus Personal development and Self-growth.

We achieve this by producing outstanding books that motivate, encourage, and Ignite people worldwide. Ignite Publishing™ takes extraordinary stories from everyday people and give them the tools to craft them into powerful stories that transform and Ignite change in others. Through our profound, unique way of story-telling, we inspire our authors, clients, readers, and humanity.