Knowledge is empowering and learning is the base of all greatness. When you strengthen your capacity to learn, you undoubtedly grow your potential and expand all possibilities. Ignite Publishing™ lives by this philosophy and feel that learning, growing, and seizing all possibilities is the foundation of our community culture.

As Ignite Publishing™ grows, so do our services, offerings, and possibilities to Ignite more people. Our programs and services are designed to expand our client’s growth in the areas of speaking, selling, products, connection, training, and community.

In the coming months, Ignite Publishing™ will branch out its services in Ignite Access, Ignite Marketplace, Ignite Television™, Ignite Institute, and Ignite Connect, all designed to bring you closer to your true self and influential in the growth of a better world and a more connected humanity.


Ignite Connect: The heart and soul of our community. Where the authors come together and build connections through community boards, a volunteer platform, author events pages, and the S.W.A.P and MATCH programs for authors to meet and stay connected both on personal goals and business ventures.

Ignite Television™: The newest platform in positive television, video, and movie content. This channel showcases authors through Empowercasts and Immersions. It provides inspirational video and uplifting content through our Facebook page and YouTube channels. Soon to air is our new docuseries- Ignite Happiness.

Ignite Access: This is where we will empower our authors. Access will create workshops and sales funnels for affiliate and Joint Venture partnerships with our authors. This is us supporting the next steps for our authors and structuring a membership that serves powerful, life-changing blogs, features, and advertising.

Ignite Events: Igniting others on location!  At amazing places around the world, Ignite hosts events, plans parties, summits, retreats, and workshops, designed to Ignite you, in every area of your life. Our epic book launches, writers retreats, and adventure outings are a dynamic, creative way to Ignite all authors around the world.

Ignite Marketplace: Brings physical and digital products to the online market. Great products, unique things, and wonderful humanity plus consumables will be sold by both our community and others from around the world. Products that have a genuine beneficial impact on another.

Ignite Press: Gives authors a voice of their own. Supporting and encouraging one-on-one clients who have a full book of their own to offer. This diverse division works with solo authors through the editing, design, production, and marketing stages to bring their book into the hands of readers.

Ignite Institute: Provides epic training classes. Authors with outstanding programs will be facilitators in the Institute and create multi-layered content through video, training, workbooks, and live calls. This fun, supportive, interactive learning model will take you to that quantum leap you are looking for.

Ignite Distribution: Going global! Getting Ignite books and products on the shelves, in other countries, and translated into new languages is a big part of our goal. We look forward to creating great partnerships that will support more retail sales and digital distribution around the globe.



Join one of the fastest growing companies in the private publishing industry. Ignite Publishing™ is leading the way in Empowerment publishing and changing the lives of so many authors. If you have a passion for working with outstanding individuals while developing yourself and others, we want to know. We hire exceptional people in editing, graphics, event planning, customer services, computer technology, and social media. If your work is your enjoyment, send us an email and introduce yourself.

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“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.”

 Dr SeussOh, the Places You’ll Go!