Ignite The Modern Goddess 

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About The Book

Women around the world are embracing their feminine energy. Be it the diva, the goddess, priestess, mother, daughter, sister, friend, sage, matron, or matriarch – each has a distinct and radiant energy.

Ignite Your GODDESS WITHIN shares stories of women celebrating their womanhood and embracing their divine selves.

Women throughout the ages have struggled with their body image, self-worth, appearance, and female station. Many have pushed away their Goddess truth and retreated within. This book is about removing all those shrouds and stepping deep into the beauty of what femininity holds. Moving through old ideals and gloriously living in the mastery of femininity itself.

Share the Goddess story in you with 34 fellow authors, where you will explore and express what it means to bask in the perfection that you are.


Knowing the goddess

Welcome to a book filled with marvelous wonder. In the next many pages you will find a cornucopia of beautiful stories all celebrating women who embody the multifaceted virtues and strengths of the modern goddess. You will read how the divine energy, the feminine force, the magical, mystical, and maven-like essence stepped into and transformed 33 amazing lives. These are not just stories, they are more like journeys; wondrous reflections of how and when the gracious goddess emerged. 

To really understand the power behind this book, you must first understand the power behind the goddess. Her devoted conviction coupled with her astute knowledge, innate wisdom, and compassionate touch are just a fraction of the qualities she possesses. Known since the beginning of time, the goddess and her ethereal qualities have graced the ongoings of every human society. Her mysterious past and existential powers have exalted her to a high moral standing, regal presence, and grand gift of grace and humility. 

This is just a fraction of who she is and amongst these pages, you will learn about her history, her origins, and the beliefs many have about her. You will read how she has influenced the decisions, ideas, and futures of women since the beginning of time. You will also uncover how right now, in this modern society, her qualities and virtues are alive and strong. Three unique feature chapters have been added to this book to bring background and context to her origins, ideals, and magnificence. We wanted to broaden the scope of what you may or may not know about her and give you more theory, a deeper understanding of her past, and reason to love her even more. 



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Alida DelBianco
Allyne Henesey
Ana Ivana
Anandha Ray
Ana Paula Gomes
Anne-Marie Charest
Ariadna Cruz Groberio
Ariane Barros
Caroline Oettlin
Charlene Ray
Eliska Vaea
Hanna Meirelles Gödel
Hannah Woebkenberg
Ivana_Sošić Antunović
Jenet Dhutti-Bhopal
Joann Lysiak
Katarina Amadora
Kerry Paton
Kristen Appenrodt
Marie Mbouni
Rachel Greene
Regan Hillyer
Rose Amaru
Ruqaya Kalla
Sedona Balance
Suyogi Gessner
Yendre Shen

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