Life for Conscious Leaders

There are many ways to be a leader, but some leaders are those rare people who not only lead, they purposefully and consciously Ignite passion in others. But how do they do it?

In this book, you’ll find 35 unique stories of conscious leadership designed to IGNITE and inspire those on the planet working toward a better future for everyone through consciousness and leadership. It is written to touch the heart and fuel the soul.

About The Book

Thirty-five authors have come together to share the Ignite moment that propelled them forward into the arena of helping others, redefining norms, healing hearts, and up-leveling the vibration of humankind. These stories exemplify consciousness, connection, mindfulness, spirituality, awakening, and transformation.

“With awareness comes mindfulness; with mindfulness comes connection, gratitude and compassion.”


Catherine Malli-Dawson, International Best-Selling Author


Throughout this book, you will read numerous stories of people stepping into conscious leadership. They may not be the epic sort of stories you see in movies or dramatized on news channels. Instead, they will be the heart-simmering accounts and mind-centering realizations of awakened individuals discovering their role of leadership. These are the stories amplifying the quieter side of leading because each true leader ultimately leads themselves. They use their understanding and inner knowing to propel themselves forward and seek out new and different ways to do life better. They listen to their inner guidance and trust their deep intuition. They desire to elevate as many people as they can and aspire to lead by motivating others to rise higher than where they are themselves.

This book is filled with many examples of how conscious leadership can be done. It is jammed full of realistic examples of every aspect of cohesive leadership. It shows how being a leader takes not just strength and perseverance, but self-worth and self-conviction. How knowing oneself and honoring that is the true reflection of valuing everyone. Leaders lead most effectively by example. Conscious leaders exemplify that tenfold. They step up first, give full-out, and always have open arms available. The new paradigm of leadership rests in the heart of leaders devoted to IGNITING the planet. This book is designed to inspire all individuals who are stepping into and embracing the gifts of true conscious leadership on a global scale.


Amy O’Meara
Ana Sofia Orozco
Ana Cukrov
Anay Patel
Andrea Gontkovičová
Anne Tucker
Ashley Avinashi
BETH Medved Waller
Carol Benson
Catherine Malli-Dawson
Christina M Ghose
Claire Wild
Damian Culhane
Dana Shalit
Emily C. Ross
Francesca Ciaudano
Hanna Meirelles
Ivana Sošić Antunović
Jamie Takahashi
JB Owen
Joanne Hughes
Karyn Pettigrew
Katelin Gregg
Katja Glöckler
Lori Lennox
Maggie Reigh
Matej Šimunić
Meena Kumari Adnani
Michael D Lynch
Nancy L. McFarland
Natalie Matushenko
Sam Beard
Sara Feldman
Sherry Brier
Vicki Graham

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