January 16-19, 2020

Los Angeles Book Launch

Ignite Your Health and Wellness

Ignite Your Adventurous Spirit

Redondo Beach, nestled on the coast of the majestic Pacific Ocean, was the perfect setting for the launch of Ignite Your Health and Wellness and Ignite Your Adventurous Spirit. Authors from as far away as Australia and Germany descended on the beautiful city for four days of fun, friendship, and fabulousness. You could feel the positive energy throughout the hotel as the authors met each other, some for the very first time, and began to share their stories. It didn’t take long for both of these incredible books to sail to the top of the Amazon charts and become International Best-Sellers in 12 countries, in over 40 categories. With their newfound status, it was now time to celebrate… L.A.-style! The group grabbed bikes and headed out on The Strand to enjoy the fabulous weather and sights, for a Bike Poker Rally, and a scavenger hunt. Along the way, the authors enjoyed the local markets, the sand and the sea, taking photos, and creating new Ignite moments, making it the perfect culmination to their journey of becoming a best-selling author. Tons of pictures were taken, workshops were attended and each author learned social media tips, workshop building skills, speaker training, and success strategies. They all spoke onstage at an evening event and enjoyed a one-on-one intimate lecture from a local celebrity guest. The whole event was epic!

November 7th – 10th 2019

PRAGUE Book Launch

Ignite Your Life for Conscious Leaders

We gathered the Ignite authors in the heart of central Europe, in the historic town of Prague, Czech Republic to launch Ignite Your Life for Conscious Leaders, a book full of forward-thinking leaders who are destined to change the world. Prague served as the ideal backdrop as these new authors stepped into the limelight, some for the very first time, to share their message and how they were going to transform humanity with their vision. The celebration started with an amazing private author dinner at Gallery 44. The next morning, being the leaders that they are, the group went right to work sharing their message at workshops, a photo shoot at the Prague Library, and an intimate book signing and sharing at a local bookstore. Each author then had the opportunity to speak to the public at an evening Speaker Summit, sharing the stage with two world-renowned speakers. With the work over, and the leaders now international best-selling authors, it was time to explore the fun side of the city. We shared a riverboat cruise down the Vltava River which ended in a guided walking tour through Old Town where we visited places like the home of famous writer Franz Kafka, ending at the Celestial Clock just moments before it struck the hour and went into action. Before heading back to their homes, the group gathered once more to visit a local perfumery, Perfumed Prague, where we were led through the ancient process of creating our very own signature scent. This entire event was astonishing and created bonds that will last a lifetime as each of these authors go on to Ignite humanity.

October 3-7, 2019

VANCOUVER Book Launches

Ignite Your Parenting

Ignite Your Life for Men

Vancouver became the home for over 40+ Ignite authors as they launched not one but two Ignite titles: Ignite Your Parenting and Ignite Your Life for Men. The authors flew from across the world to connect and become international best-selling authors as they shared their stories in both books. The event kicked off with an Author Meet-n-Greet dinner at the famous Kobe steakhouse dazzled by the fire-making chefs. After the celebratory meal, the authors quickly got down to business which included workshops, a book signing at Canada’s top bookstore, and a public speaking event where they all shared their story onstage. With the work all done, and as international best-selling authors, the group went out into the city to celebrate with a bike ride along the infamous Stanley Park Seawall, and a climb to the top of Grouse Mountain for axe throwing and bear-viewing. Nothing could encapsulate the event more than a spectacular, jaw-dropping, magnificent afternoon at Cirque du Soleil Luzia, which was a perfect ending to a magical weekend of fun, camaraderie, and connection.

September 26-29, 2019

TORONTO Adventure

Relaunch: Ignite Female Leadership

To make sure everyone had fun celebrating Ignite Your Female Leadership, we did it again in Toronto, Canada. We made sure to teach brand strategies and Facebook posting, including presenting live! We had classes and workshops that helped the authors focus on presentation, delivery and brand awareness. We took the whole group to the taping of The Social at the Much Music Studios. Then, it was off to speak onstage at a Mindvalley sponsored event and present at the Indigo Bookstore in front of buying customers. The trip would not be complete without an epic dinner at the top of the CN Tower and a bit of spraying water from a day at Niagara Falls. We closed out the event with Champagne sabering at a local vineyard and ended it all in style, joy, and Ignite moments for everyone.

July 5-7, 2019

Pula Book Launch

Ignite Female Leadership

Female Leadership is about taking charge of your own life and then using your innate passion to lead others towards a common goal. In full leader fashion, the authors of Ignite Your Female Leadership all traveled to Pula, Croatia to celebrate the launch of this powerful book. The ladies partook in numerous workshops, training classes, a bookstore photoshoot, and even a pop-up bookstore in downtown Pula as they supported each other in delivering their message to the world. It wasn’t all business though… the group found time to sail the blue seas on a 100-year old pirate ship, stopping at the most beautiful secluded beach, and the secret blue caves as they celebrated their success. They attended a galactic party in a 400-year-old fortress as they danced freely into the night. The Ignite Your Female Leadership authors are destined to Ignite others and impact humanity!

May 16-20, 2019

San Francisco Book Launch

Ignite Your Life for Women

Our first book launch in San Francisco for Ignite Your Life For Women was the epicenter of the Ignite brand and the power behind bringing people together. Women from all over the world, including England, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and the USA, came together to celebrate a major milestone in each of their lives. We started out in glorious style as every author spoke publicly about the writing process at a swanky party at Tah Mah Lah house, the greenest house in America, in the San Francisco hills. The next day we spoke at The Hivery co-working space to promote the power of writing stories and the impact they can make. We took pictures in front of the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and shared heartfelt moments sipping tea at the iconic Japanese Tea House. After going International Best-Seller with this book, the authors had a book signing at the coveted Barnes & Noble bookstore to share their success. Connecting, coming together, and collaborating encapsulated the essence of this entire event.

Why Write with Ignite?

Ignite Publishing™ is everything EMPOWERMENT! We desire to inspire and support you to live your best life and achieve greatness. We believe that it starts with curating and producing profound, soul-enriching content in the areas of Health and Wellness, Business and Finance, Relationships and Parenting, plus Personal development and Self-growth.

We achieve this by producing outstanding books that motivate, encourage, and Ignite people worldwide. Ignite Publishing™ takes extraordinary stories from everyday people and give them the tools to craft them into powerful stories that transform and Ignite change in others. Through our profound, unique way of story-telling, we inspire our authors, clients, readers, and humanity.