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Become your own healthiest self and enjoy 35 inspiring stories from practitioners, health professionals, and coaches who, through their own journeys, have discovered the profound and symbiotic connection in healing the body, mind, heart, and soul.

Find out how they transformed their lives and reinvigorated their bodies using unique practices, alternative modalities, and self-healing solutions. The stories speak to everything from stress and overexertion to depression and mental health. Some authors have spoken about conditions such as alopecia, eczema, and inflamed bowels. Others have tracked improvements in cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and chronic back pain. All have shared the ways that they found to harness their ‘dis’-ease and manage it better.

Read how you can IGNITE your health and wellness.
You have the power to transform your health and wellness. Start living a better, healthier existence today!

“As you read this book and see some of the remarkable stories and challenges that people have overcome, you will know that the human body and mind is incredibly powerful and this book proves just what is possible in the area of optimum health and total wellness.”


Marisa Peer


Like many people who have seen the sun crest and set for quadruple decades, I found myself searching for more. I had run the gambit of great jobs and horrible ones. I had completed my school, constructed my dream home, had two kids, and finalized more than one marriage. I had done a good job of living in the fast lane, pushing the stroller and chasing those unobtainable numbers on my bank statement. Life had blessed me in many ways and I had a plethora of memories plus a few battle scars to prove it. My existence had been traversing the same hamster wheel as most; work, obtain, then work some more to get more. I kept pushing and striving for the next funky gadget, the bigger horse-powered car and a nicer address.

In many ways, I thought I had it all. The material things others envied were in both my closet and garage. The 16,000 pictures on my phone said I had ‘been places’ and ‘done stuff’… but at the end of the day, my heart and body were the ones dissatisfied in the mirror. The reflection I saw was limp and lackluster. The zeal I was supposed to feel from all my accomplishments was like a wet paper napkin after a holiday meal, drenched in too much overindulgence to be useful. I was taxed out physically and emotionally from wanting it all, and my health began to deteriorate.

I ignored my constant constipation, mood swings, and horrible menstrual cramps. If my stomach became bloated, I told myself it was because of something I ate. If my feet itched so much in the night it stopped me from sleeping, it was because of the detergent I was using. When my hands broke out in a rash, I convinced myself it was due to an overindulgence of sun. Any little ailment I experienced I’d brush off and accuse some external factor as the culprit. I didn’t connect the dots that it was my body’s way of giving me a message, and that discomfort and unease were big indicators I should be paying attention to.




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Alex Jarvis
Andrea Harrison
Ann Bridges
Annie Lebrun
Ariel Richards
Ben Ivanowski
Brent McCord
Dr. Bryce Fleming
Cassandra Fox-Percival
Charlene Ray
Claes Nermark
Dianna Delacoeur
Emily C. Ross
Felice Marano
Dr. Gregory Damato
Hilde Jahren
Inga Ulmane
James McMillen
JB Owen
Katarina Amadora
Katelin Gregg
Samantha Legassie
Marjan Tavakkolian
Maxime Šumberac
Mayssam Mounir, M.D.
Mystère Poème
Neil Cannon
Phyllis Roberto
Shannon Bliss
Tara Lehman
Taylor Ribar
Terry Laue
Tina Lunde
Vera Mirna
Wendy Albrecht
Yaana Hauvroesh

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