Ignite the Hunger in You


If you are ready to step into the next chapter of your life with clarity, conviction, and the kind of hunger that will propel you forward, Ignite The Hunger In You is a book created to do just that!

The many amazing stories in this book, showcasing the teaching of Les Brown, will move you from where you are in life to where you want to be. Enjoy the real-life, heartfelt accounts of individuals just like you, igniting a hunger that propelled them forward to discover their true greatness. Use the tools in this book to Ignite the Hunger in You and become everything you dream of. You have greatness in you and this book will help you to uncover and IGNITE it!

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The number one motivational speaker on the planet, Les Brown, and the number one publisher in empowerment publishing, JB Owen, have come together with 35 phenomenal authors to bring you a book filled with inspiration, encouragement, and transformation.

Do you have a passion burning within to go after your dreams and fulfill your greatest desires?
Are you looking to live with purpose and define what is most important to you?

This book compiles the stories of leaders, visionaries, and independent thinkers who share the moments that ignited them and their hunger and how that changed their lives. Each story is a unique way of looking at what it means to ignite your hunger, sparking your drive for something more. Every chapter offers a new perspective, a new lesson, and a new insight. If you’re looking for inspiration, if you’re looking to read amazing stories of people going after what they want and being fulfilled by that drive, this is the book that will kindle a lasting change in your life.

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