JB Owen, “The Pink Billionaire” Soon To Be Knighted, Shares Secrets on New Show, ‘Realign To Thrive’ with Diana Lockett”

Jun 5, 2022 | Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com

“Through telling your story, people can see you and hear you…and that is a gift I wanted to give to as many people as possible!” Owen shares. She tells more of her story and “ignite moments” as well as upcoming projects on Diana Lockett‘s new show, Realign To Thrive on June 5th.

This comes one day before JB Owen travels to Las Vegas to be knighted Lady JB Owen by the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen. JB is being honored for her contribution as a humanitarian through her outstanding work which Ignites the lives of people around the world.

JB Owen’s knighting ceremony happens just a few weeks before she and her husband Peter embark on their cycle journey of 10,000km coast to coast in Canada to raise money for charity and showcase humanity, diversity, and inclusion while filming their upcoming Ignite Humanity documentary and docuseries. JB Owen will also share a free gift, “Affirmations of a Billionaire” audio recording to everyone who watches the show to bring ” a billion smiles, a billion hugs, a billion people who resonate with your vision and message,” Owen said.

Diana is working with JB Owen to spotlight the charity project, “Classroom of Hope” that builds schools in Cambodia, Rwanda and other countries of recycled materials.

Diana’s new show also features other world visionaries and heart centered leaders such as Les Brown, Christian Prankhurst, Orgena Rose, and more as a reminder that “we too can make a difference…as we Realign To Thrive, ” Diana said. Her new show Premieres on DSN, the Divine Spirit Network, which produces and distributes transformational TV shows, movies and music to millions of viewers around the world live and on demand.

Diana Lockett is a visionary heart leader with a gift for awakening high achievers to Re-Align to Thrive™ and create inner wealth and a deeper purpose in their lives. Through her transformational coaching, she helps you to create a life of better health and wellness, increased performance, deeper confidence, healthier relationships and a return to your own authentic states of joy. She empowers her clients to go out into the world with their own unique purpose and vision and create relationships and businesses that support, inspire and thrive and is in alignment with their deepest purpose.

Re-Alignment coaching blends spirituality, deep embodied/somatic work and current mindset practices with compassionate and conscious communication to awaken your heart, your body, and your mind. To watch Realign To Thrive, go to



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Realign To Thrive with Diana Lockett and JB Owen

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