Ignite Possibilities

Everyone has experienced an ‘Ignite Moment’ in their lives — a powerful moment when a sudden realization hits and your entire perspective changes, transforming your actions and your life for the better.

This book is a collection of such moments as experienced by 37 unique people from around the world whose Ignite Moments proved not only revelatory but life-changing for themselves and others.

About The Book

Regular people share their personal stories of how a single moment unlocked a deep belief that anything and everything is possible for everyone, moving them to take action in a whole new way and empowering them to claim the life they dreamed of having. Let these stories inspire, uplift, and recharge you as you set about pursuing your own dreams and a life of infinite possibilities!

“If you’re looking for a solid collection of amazing authors to show you a new paradigm of possibilities, look no further. JB and the entire Ignite crew spared no effort in providing a wonderful new perspective through crystal clarity and boundless enthusiasm. You’re in for one amazing ride. Enjoy!”

— Andrew Kap

Introduction by

JB Owen

Welcome to a book like no other. I have to be honest and say that I do not think there is another book on the market that speaks solely about possibilities in this way. Ignite Possibilities is incredibly unique in that it has been birthed during a time where the most important thing on the planet for all of humanity, in my opinion, is manifesting what is possible. As we adapt to the swirling mix of needs in this ever-changing world, what is needed is to press forth with the notion of what IS possible for all of us. People need to believe that all is possible so that we can make this world a greater place for everyone. If you look at all the major needs in the world, you will probably agree that making peace possible, making inclusion possible, ending world hunger, saving the polar ice caps, and ensuring a hundred other deeply needed and life-altering necessities are all possible… truly matters. If we can reach those major initiatives and overcome those milestones, then the world would be a much more glorious place for all of us to live in. With possibilities at the forefront, our lives will be richer, our hearts supported, and each of our intrinsic human needs will be fulfilled.

I took this idea of possibilities and made it personal, and I put it upon myself to spearhead this cause. I set out to inspire as many people as possible with what is actually possible. Thirty-six people heard my call and came together to share their passion for what is possible for them, for you, and for all of us. They embraced the dream of Igniting possibilities in everyone. Somewhere in their lives, something profound became possible. Whether it was forgiving a transgression, saving a life, overcoming a crippling belief, or awaking an injured heart, each and every author featured in this book has experienced a powerful moment in their life when they moved from what one might consider a notion of the impossible to a mindset where everything is totally possible. In fact, we refrained from even using the word impossible. Instead, we reframed our perception of what was possible and in doing so, we all found within ourselves abilities, ambition, excitement, and opportunities in such a way it changed us on a cellular level.

How is that possible you might ask? To be changed on a cellular level? When one redefines themselves in a new way, the body, mind, and spirit shift into becoming what you desire that new way to be. A once bitter, angry person may begin feeling light, alive, and free meaning that the very fiber of their being has been transformed. They function differently. They sleep, eat, laugh, and love in a new way. And science has proven that how you think is how you are, and how you are is what you become. This transformation affects everything, which means even your cells function differently. They awaken, heal, and thrive. To go from homeless to saving lives and becoming a hero means that on the very deepest level, change took place. To face death and prevail… to give up on life and then come back and persevere… to have everything you own taken from you and then have it come back better than before… means that every part of your internal makeup has shifted from what was to what is new. That’s a cellular transformation!



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guy fort
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JB Owen
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Lisa Lynn Evelth
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Marshanelle Horne
Meghan Huthsteiner
melody byrd
nadia la russa
Noa Takarroumt
Pat Labez
renee gignac
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