Ignite Female leadership 

Female leaders break tradition. Many lead with a soft hand. A caring tone. A gentle nudge. They guide from a desire to create a winning outcome for both themselves, and those around them. In leadership comes hardships and sacrifices. There is not a story in this book that is not filled with some of that. Yet, they also speak of perseverance, intuition, and self-determination. Each author shares how they embraced their IGNITE moment and found a new purpose to confidently go in the direction of their dreams, while graciously leading others.

About The Book

Ignite Your Life for Female Leadership is an inspiring and insightful book by women, for women. Learning to show up as a leader takes courage. The powerful Ignite moments of the 35 women featured in this book are an anthem for all women stepping into themselves and finding their powerful vision and voice.

This book will Ignite the female leader in you!!

“It is better to be known for who you are than known for who you are not.”


JB Owen, Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and Found and CEO of Ignite


Known as the fastest woman on ice, Catriona Le May Doan is a three-time Olympic medalist – winning two golds and a bronze. She has participated in four consecutive Olympic games and broken 13 world records for speed skating. She is a formidable athlete, dedicated individual and her numerous achievements undoubtedly prove that. One is easily impressed by her multiple World Cup Championships. She also is an Officer of the Order of Canada and has been inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. Looking at Catriona’s accomplishments, she is nothing short of spectacular. Few, if any, have achieved what she has in her sport and reached that level of success.

If you meet Catriona, you will first notice her smile, then her legs! Her dynamic grin is infectious and instantly warming. Her four decades of training has sculpted and molded a pair of legs as perfect as one can get. Athletics has taught her discipline and devotion, and you can see that in her personality and physique. She is a woman to notice. She is a true female leader and a champion through and through.

Yet, like all leaders, she faced obstacles and endured tremendous setbacks. At the 1994 Olympics, she fell, crashing into the side wall and placed an embarrassing 17th place. In front of the world and with millions watching, Catriona slipped on her blade and ruined all chances for any medals. Decades of training, untold amounts of money, and endless hours of sacrifice by her and her family were eradicated in an instant as she uncontrollably slid down the speedway to a crumpled stop. It was a devastating fall and as Catriona describes, one that could have debilitated her spirit and ended her career.




Alex Jarvis
Alina Christina Buteica
Alison Jessica Weihe
Allyne Henesey
Andrea Cairella
Andrea Gontkovicova
Ashley Avinashi
Catherine Malli-Dawson
Helle Brodie
JB Owen
Joanna Mercado Peters
Dr. Judy Gianni
Judy Lynn Sutton
Kari Chiappetta
Kim McDonnel
Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani
Lizzy Koster
Madalina Petrescu
Marnie Tarzia
Nadia La Russa
Narelle Gorman
Nitasha Sarin
Phyllis Roberto
Rachel Hayek
Riikka Ylitalo
Rosalyn Palmer
Rusti L Lehay
Samantha Ridley
Sandra Smart
Tanya Donahue
Tara Pilling
Taranum Khan, Ph.D. CCS
Trish Mrakawa
Ulrike Stahl

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