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Our imagination to create what’s fun for us is unlimited when we’re children. Why stop because we’re physically grown up as adults. Answering our inner calling and using our unique gifts and talents for the world is what ignites us and makes our spirit come alive.

About The Book

Are you a rebel, an outlier, an artist, a radical thinker, or a non-conformist? You have felt your wildish nature in you since as a child, being resistant and defiant upon the imposition of others and society’s rules on you. We are looking for you to be among the 33 authors in our Ignite series upcoming breakthrough book called Ignite Your Inner Spirit.

Your resistance to being tamed led you through the inner struggles of taming yourself when you finally found your alignment with your inner spirit.

You have a story to share with others of your struggles and the courage to listen to your heart and follow your dreams; guided only by your inner knowing and trust in your gut feelings. This journey took you to unexpected self-discovery and created the life and work that brings you joy. You broke the social norms of success and happiness. You decided to define these things for yourselves, on your own terms. You took the road less traveled and can now light the way as a torchbearer for others.

Your story will encourage readers to follow their hearts and intuition, give them the courage to leave secure jobs that are not aligned with their spirit’s calling, and honor their sense of the soul’s purpose to contribute to others. Whether that contribution is to their children by being a stay-at-home dad or mom or being able to impact a billion people.

These stories will awaken and inspire readers to explore how to listen to their own inner calling, how they can stay on course, and how to be true to themselves in their commitment by having daily habits and practices for success in whatever is their sense of mission to the pursuit for their life.

Listen to your own voice, your own soul. Too many people listen to the noise of the world, instead of themselves. 



“Find the will to be completely you.”

This is a story designed to awaken your Inner Spirit. It may not be an easy story to read. Others in the book may be more fun, introspective, and intelligent. My story shows how at times in our lives, when we are on the verge of emerging, we often have to crawl over broken glass to get to the other side. We have to swallow the heartache and endure the fury of the storm before there is calm. I wish for you to know that it is often through the most difficult moments that we traverse our reality and connect to the inner side: the side of self, of worth, peace, joy, understanding, and regard. The side where our spirit rules and our hearts follow suit, allowing us to rise up and be who we were created to be.


June 16, 2015 It has been a long and grueling day of dealing with all the drama and chaos that comes with being in a relationship with an addict and an alcoholic. My ex-husband is on another bender; on another runaway train down the long corridor of repeated relapses and alcoholic behavior. Despite my hellish day, I desperately try to smile and look as though I am listening to my children, who have just come home from school and desire my attention. I want to be attentive, but my mind is racing; adrenaline is still surging through my body from my visit to the police station less than 30 minutes ago. I had hurried home to make sure I was waiting as they both got off the school bus. I act overly happy and exaggerated to camouflage the uneasiness I still feel inside. I plaster a fake smile on my face while making my voice singsong-like to mask the trembling in its tone. My hands are still shaking. I feel the tumultuous aftermath of having been forced to deal with a situation no one ever expects to face; but like I have so many times before, I function as best I can so that my children will have little to no idea that I have spent my day dealing with another relapse, another bender, another week filled with unbearable circumstances and agonizing events at the hands of my alcoholic ex. Early this morning, after the children went to school, I had gone to the closet and started packing my ex’s clothing for the umpteenth time. It is almost comical how many times I have done this. We have tried to reconcile so many damn times, and I have put these same damn clothes in these same damn suitcases a dozen times already. The first few departures, I folded his clothes neatly so as not to be vindictive or spiteful. I never wanted him to unpack his items and be angry at me. I would gingerly arrange them, sometimes crying at their departure, always regretting the events that had pushed him so far that he was leaving… again. However, today, I pack with a vengeance, shoving and stuffing his clothing into a black plastic trash bag with little regard. Not folding or sorting, just jamming everything in as fast as I can to get them out of my house and out of my sight.




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