It all starts at mile zero: Day 7

It was exciting and thrilling to cycle up to the Mile Zero Marker in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. We saw the amazing sign that signifies “mile zero” and the beginning of the long Alaska Highway. Millions of tourists have stood pridefully under this sign to mark their 1,500-kilometer trek to the top of the world — Alaska, USA.

With lots of fanfare, we took pictures and high-fived one another for reaching this spot and embarking on the next section of our ride. From mile zero, you see mile markers along the side of the road, indicating what mile you are at on the journey. Shawn, a fellow bike enthusiast we met, shared that the locals refer to most spots along the way according to those mile markers.

Mile zero made me realize EVERYTHING we do has a mile zero! Be it starting a business, having a baby, going on a trip, or learning a new skill, every single endeavor we embark on has that distinct starting point; mile zero. The interesting thing is, few of us celebrate and mark with such fanfare our mile zero. We don’t take pictures, write in our journal about it, or share on social media, “Hey everyone, I’m at the zero mark and just getting started.” Instead we miss our mile zero completely. A lot of us never even make it to mile zero, afraid to start because the journey ahead feels too much. Others hide their mile zero because they don’t want colleagues to judge them for not having it all worked out or completed. Not enough of us love that we are just getting started and mile zero marks the beginning of something amazing.

Starting something is a spectacular experience. Going after a dream, creating a new project, building an initiative, or just learning a new skill can be filled with such joy and self-accomplishment. It can bring about true success, utter enjoyment, and personal pride. Most importantly it can be the hinge that opens the door to the next great accomplishment in your life.

Have fun next time you reach a mile zero; celebrate it, document it, share with people you know. Let your mile zero indicate a great beginning and a fun exploration of what is to come.

Much Love, JB