The Power In The Pause

Congratulations to Janice!

We at Ignite are so excited and proud to be launching author’s Janice M.’s new book, Power in the Pause, today! You might remember Janice from the book Ignite Happiness, published last summer. She is a retired US Marine veteran, international Amazon best-selling author, and mom of five who just happens to also be a recovering alcoholic.

Power in the Pause is the by times powerful, by times moving, and always inspiring inside look at what it means to be a fallible human trying to do better. The reflections in this book are a window into her daily journey of recovery from alcohol, addictions, and an eating disorder. These reflections will touch and inspire anyone who has faced any kind of struggle in their daily life.

Working with Janice over the past year as we edited and refined the book has been a true privilege. Her journey has touched us deeply and inspired meaningful change in our own lives. Janice is one of those people who embodies service, giving back to her community every single day — and her community stretches far and wide! Through pioneering AA meetings and sharing unique daily text messages (many of which are contained in this book), Janice has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people get through each day. Her relentless optimism and striving to be a better person is both moving and inspiring, and each one of us here at Ignite have become better people through knowing Janice.

March 19th through the 22nd, 2021, you can download Power in the Pause for free and check out what all the buzz is about. Hard copies can be ordered through Amazon or on her website

There is a power that lies in that instant of time that falls between stopping and seeking. In that moment where we are finished with what came before and not yet moving forward in search of what the new day will bring, we can reflect on what has been and what we wish will be.

Power in the Pause is for everyone who has ever struggled with the challenges they face. Let Janice M. fill your thoughts with loving understanding and compassion first thing every day.
This uncensored look at the journey toward joy will become one of your many tools and guide you toward a path of change.

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