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IGNITE is all about creating positive change for future generations and Igniting humanity. Our authors share the most real, vulnerable, and inspiring stories of those unique Ignite Moments that shaped their understanding of the world and transformed their lives for the better.

Writing is a beautiful way to explore your beliefs and tap into your inner wisdom. We invite you to try your hand at writing with a series of three interconnected writing prompts designed to unlock your creativity and whet your appetite for writing. Done in order, they will take you on an increasingly personal and meaningful journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. We invite you to set aside some sacred writing time this week and let yourself get absorbed in the process as you sample the unique flavors of each writing prompt in one of our ‘Writing Snacks’ available for free in the IGNITE Connect Library.

Writing Prompt #1

List 10 songs you love listening to.

Writing Prompt #2

Picture yourself in the middle of a crowded club, music thumping, people gyrating on the dancefloor and flirting in booths, and you. What do you see? Smell? Hear? What are you feeling physically? How is your body reacting, both subconsciously and consciously? Are you an eager participant or a reluctant observer? Where would you rather be? Turn on some music, build the scene in your mind, and then write it out in rich and evocative detail.

Writing Prompt #3

Are you a party-with-your-friends-on-a-Friday-night sort of person or a bubble-bath-and-book person? Was it always this way? What were your favourite Friday nights as a child? How about as a teenager? How about now? Write yourself a Friday night that will leave you feeling happy, loved, and eager for the evening to come, then schedule it into your calendar and make your writing become real.

Now, take this food for thought and go write!

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