Possibilities are endless!

There are a lot of things we can do as humans — dance, sing, skydive, waterski, play an instrument, and even travel to outer space. We all have the ability to achieve goals and go after our dreams. We are more capable and privileged than all the other species on the planet because we get to live by our own design and determine our future. We get to achieve our desires and decide our outcomes. We have free will, free choice, and the freedom to be whatever and whoever we choose. A kangaroo can only be a kangaroo, an aardvark will always be an aardvark, but a human can become an inventor of wondrous things, a loving aid to heal others, or a visionary to shift the direction of all humanity. We are the only living organism that has the knowledge and skills to impact and influence the entire species.

With all these glorious advantages at our fingertips, our possibilities are endless. We can become whatever or whoever it is we’ve always dreamed of being, if we truly wish it to be. That means there are no limits to the expansion we can create in our lives. There is nothing we can’t do since we have been given the mind to make it so. We have the tools, the resources, the means, the freedom, and the ever inquisitive instinct to evolve, and ultimately expand. The ability to do so is encoded in our DNA and inside of every human ever born. Without any contradiction, expansion is our destiny.

Your opportunities to expand are everywhere

​That means nothing is off-limits, nothing is outside your reach, nothing is unavailable to you unless you deem it to be so. Your opportunities to expand are everywhere, always unfolding, and continuously around you — you just have to awaken to know they are there. Right in front of you, after every challenge, behind every objection, under every misstep, and beneath every worry.

Your inspirations and ideas are the tether to pull you forward and closer to what is waiting for you. What you want also wants you and that means expansion is happening omnipresently, purposefully, and without you having to consciously decide. Everything in life is always shifting, moving, and morphing into being. The rate of expansion is beyond containment as it happens every moment of every second of every day. A tree does not ask Mother Nature to pause so it can decide if it wants to endure another winter. A baby doesn’t prevent its arrival for fear of traveling down the birth canal. The grass keeps growing even when it is mowed repeatedly. The sun rises and sets, never complaining that it is just too tired to keep going. All around us life is moving forward. But the human mind desires expansion, seeks wisdom, and strives to go beyond what simply “is.”

Expanding ourselves is our greatest treasure.

The ability to learn more, feel more, and become more is the most wondrous thing we have as humans. We were designed to grow and push ourselves to new and exciting limits; and then expand and push some more. Compalmcy is not our natural state. Being an explorer of what is possible is. You get to decide what that will be and then do it. You have the affinity to seek and then have it. In fact, the options are numerous and countless. The fantastical things you can attract into your life are just waiting for you to do so. Waiting for you to expand every part of you. Waiting for you to have, be, do, and learn whatever is required to reach the pinnacle of you.

That means you get to expand your mindset, your health, your relationships and partnerships.

You’re encouraged to read about history, philosophy, poetry, self-help, trades, and crafts.The Universe and everything in it wants you to move, groove, play, party, and celebrate the big things, the little things, and all the things in between. Life is about giving, growing, and gaining wisdom from the masters while looking, listening, and lavishing in the caringness of the children. Be an explorer of you. Discover what your talents are and what you need to be more dedicated to. Know that everything is a blessing. It is all meant to be and how it unfolds is for your highest good to keep learning, evolving, increasing, and becoming. Every moment of every second of every day you get to expand yourself and be exactly who you want to be. You were born to be all of who you are… so focus your attention there and become that.

How you expand is up to you. The options are as abundant as the stars in the sky. The cornucopia of possibilities and a myriad of opportunities outnumber the grains of sand in all the deserts combined. Where you can go with your expansion is beyond what can even be written here. There are not enough words to record what you can do and how you can expand your world. Think beyond right now and feel the excitement that comes from expanding you and your existence in every way.

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