This is our home for 79 days

If you haven’t seen our follow vehicle check it out in this beautiful mountain vista that I filmed while cycling by.

This is our home for 79 days as we travel across Canada. It holds Peter, me and Janine who drives, cooks and takes care of logistics. Peter has all his tools, extra tires, and parts in the back section and I make my mini office in the front passenger seat.

It takes a bit of coordination to house us all but the best part is we can rack and ride if we need to, go to great towns, or find a secluded section off the road to spend the night. We don’t normally find campgrounds, we find unique spots with great views, bubbling brooks, and tranquil nature.

We get to hear all the sounds outside – the screaming train whistle and the smells- a skunk went off one night. But through it all-including the bugs we have the best time ever and marvel
at all the joy and freedom. Peter and I are so happy when we are on the road. Janine says it feels like home. There’s something wonderful about just having exactly what you need, no excess, no need to horde or save. You just use what you have and use up what you buy.

I’m not sure why this RV is such a treasured place, maybe the simplicity, the adventure, the quiet at times and the knowing that we don’t need a whole lot of extra stuff.

It’s so fun to find the right and perfect spot to just park, have a meal, set up an outdoor office and then pick up and go when we’re done.

Of course it’s not easy to be inconspicuous in a purple motor home with a big message and two faces on the side. We get a lot of questions, visitors, and brave souls asking what we are up to. Before you know it, we’ve made a new friend.

Where you live is important but it isn’t about what you live in, it’s HOW you live, how you treat your space and fill it with what matters most. Things don’t seem to mean much in an RV. It’s about where you end up and what you do when you get there!

Please share your favourite place to live.