We’re meeting the best people ever

We’re meeting the best people ever – this is Ivan and he makes these amazing birdhouses and fairy houses in his wood working machine shop. His wife hand paints them and then he sells then outside his home – being an amazing entrepreneur despite being 79 and retired.

Ivan just loves people, loves making people laugh. Loves connecting with others and sending people on their travels with a hand-made treasure.

Ivan was so generous that he just gave me a stunning creation perfect for me as it was decorated with scripted writing- perfect for a publisher who loves writing.

Ivan told me his fairy houses are all over the world from tourists in Australia to Germany to Japan. The best thing about Ivan was his warm disposition and heartfelt desire to make you smile.

I was truly touched when he congratulated us for what we are doing; raising money to build our school in Indonesia and then gave us a gift of one of his frairy houses to spread the spirit of giving.

You may never meet Ivan but you can learn from his kindness and fun spirit. You can see by his art the joy he brings to what he does and the value he places in showcasing other people”s art. Ivan is a great example of how we can ignite humanity by giving.

Ask yourself what can you give today