Celebrate the milestones

Peter and I reached a huge milestone by making it to Lake Louise- the amazing glacier lake in the Rocky Mountains. It’s been a serious grind to get here and a complete body overhaul to get everything working again after a long winter of rest.

We’ve learned the hard way you can’t just pick up where you left off. Last year Peter and I could ride 25-35km/hr. Our first day we did 26km in the entire day! One day, climbing up the mountain it was so steep it took us 30 minutes to do 3km!! It was hard I’ll tell you. Hard on the body and hard on the ego which wanted to just pick up where we left off last year and be at our prime, but how is that possible.

Nature has delivered a very humbling reality that you can’t go dormant or set things aside and then just pick up where you left off thinking it would be the same.

It doesn’t work that way in business, in relationship, even in a book- you often have to fo back or reread something. If you’ve been apart from a person, it often takes time to reconnect fully. If you stop work on your business you lose momentum and you have to get back at it not from where you left off but from a new spot; where you are now.

Peter and I’ve had to graciously start not from the beginning but certainly not where we left off and it’s been a big lesson on how important at it is to nurture your craft snd skills daily- even just a little bit. If we’d keep a bit going over the winter those huge hills wouldn’t have been sooooo hard.

It’s a wonderful lesson to learn that you can’t just pick up where you left off if you’ve not kept it consistent along the way.

On a great note, being consistent always gets you there! Yes we had to work hard, push, grind, and endure but it is sure worth it. Reaching a goal feels great. It’s gives you the strength and capacity to go in to the next goal. Your body gets conditioned for accomplishments and one accomplishment leads to the next.

Push, grind, work hard, keep going, set your ego aside. Just keep doing it and you will for sure reach yourself goal.

After a great visit to the top, Lots of pictures and sharing with some of the locals, we were off to the next goal- the hoo doos. Stay tuned!

If your want to take our progress and challenge yourself to accomplishing some goals join our 10,000k challenge at cycle.igniteyou.life.

You can ignite humanity and create possibilities at the same tine.