It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it

After a full and gruelling day of riding uphill, Peter and I stop to enjoy a local homecoming day in Christina Lake, BC.

We love to be a part of the community iand what better way than to be a local and show up at the local festivities. We spent the evening enjoying singing, dancing, drumming, sandcastle competition, and a boat parade on the sandy beach of Cristina Lake. Peter and I squished our feet in the sand, clapped along, and even slow- danced on the sand beside our lawn chairs as we soaked in fun and fabulous off- the – bike- time.

I loved seeing the kids just freely being themselves, in fact a darling two year old captured my heart dancing to her inner joy- (see the video). It was so great to see Community after the last two years and more than ever we all need to see fun and joy again.

We all have obligations and responsibilities but it not what you do, it’s how you do it- supporting others, getting involved, making friends with strangers, and showing up. Be open to new things. – Have no expectations snd just be in the moment. – See how everyone is doing their best.

There were many volunteers at the event and it wasn’t perfect, but everyone was coming together, trying yo help and put on a great FREE event for the community to enjoy. That is what made it awesome. Not what they did but how they did it. – collectively with heart.

How can your show up snd serve today snd let go of expecting anything and just be. It’s Sunday..,rest day…family day..,the Lords day. How can you show up in those ways?

Sending lots of blessings your way.