Be open to everything

We stopped in a Midway, BC for a quick stop that turned into 36 hours of joy and fun in a charming town where we made a super new friend.

Pulling up to a hotel that we didn’t know had been converted into a private residence, we meet Glorian- an amazing young man from Kitchener who, after his father passed away, decided to live life more intentionally and move across Canada to enjoy a better life and discover himself.

He now lives in Midway and took the time to take Peter to the best burger joint in town, hike with Janine to the top of the mountain over looking the city. Help us with power so we could plug in our air fryer and sit and talk with us for our documentary- Ignite Humanity.

Glorian was a perfect example of meeting fine people along this journey that truly have a giving heart and who has an Ignite Moment that redefined their life. Glorian’s dad was only 52 when he passed and Glorian felt void of a role model and someone to teach him how to be a man. Instead of succumbing to his fate he began to search, uncover, and discover what that meant to him. Born in Germany, with Nigerian parents he came to Canada an immigrant having to learn the language and the culture.

He was such a delight to speak to with a kind spirit and devoted heart. His Ignite Moment to be a man and make his father proud despite losing him has brought bliss and joy to his life.

Although Midway is a small town midway between the provincial border and the coastline, and how it got its name, Glorian is making the best of it, enjoying his bike rides, caring for friends and even volunteering at the local fire department.

Midway sits just meters from the US boarder and Glorian took us to the very unassuming border post that indicated the two countries and the tiny fence that shows where the border is.

Midway also has a giant Canadian flag on the mountain overlooking it. Our driver Janine, and Glorian climbed to the top to enjoy the beautiful view of the city below.

Along with Glorian, we meet Candace who ran the local library, Candace let us park in the library parking lot and stay the night, giving us power to plug in the RV. We also got a box of 40 books to take with us on the drive. Candace wanted us to have lots to read for the rest of the summer.

We reciprocated by donating to the library one of our Ignite books – Ignite Happiness with the hopes it will bring happiness to the local residence.

What made this stop so enjoyable was just being open to everything. We let go of the schedule, surrendered to it being a certain way, and just opened ourself up to what was meant to unfold. We had a spectacular experience in a very short time made memorable friends and heart felt connections. We just allowed the serendipity to unfold.

Even trying to leave town, we stopped, got some groceries and rode back to the RV, only to see Glorian again! After our previous goodbyes- we ended up riding with him a bit more, seeing another local landmark and enjoying the thrill and fun of riding.

You can always know the magic of what is before you. You just have to be open and willing to receive the gifts that are right there in front of you. Sometime having no plan is the right plan because it allows so much to unfold that you didn’t have to orchestrate, or force. Being open allows more to come it. More of what you didn’t even know was possibly. That will ignite you and ignite humanity.