Lighthouse Project

Amidst my amazing bike tour I stopped in Kelowna, BC for 2 days to be interviewed and part of an amazing film- The Lighthouse Project.

My outstanding friend Danya Yusep is filming her documentary on domestic violence and triumphing out of it. Many of you know I was domestically abused and it happened in Kelowna!!!

I left Kelowna in 2016 afraid, somewhat broken and full of shame. I took the next year to heal and travelled with my kids to 11 countries doing charity work. It was there I found my super hero cape and regained my courage and self- worth.

It was in releasing the blame and discovering the blessings that I found my community and created my publishing house; where people share their transformational stories. I learned that when I shared, so did others. And it’s when we share, we heal.

Now 700 authors later and hundreds of thousands of lives impacted I’m returning to that town where I ran from courageous, confident, happy, and loved beyond measure. My life has grown tremendously from then yet it was the catalyst for who I am today. It got me to right here.

I remember feeling all alone, and scared to ask for help. I know how hard it was. I so admire Danya for her commitment to show the other side of domestic violence and that we all need a lighthouse to show us the way. And we each can be a lighthouse for one another.

If you are domestically abused reach out. If you need support we are all here. If you feel the shame, know it will pass and it happened to you because you are strong enough to let it fuel you to help others.

We are not alone in domestic violence. We are strong and we can rise to our greatness one day at a time.