It’s week one and I’m already in tears…tears of joy

It’s week one and I’m already in tears… tears of joy…as I witness the generously and giving of humanity. While getting groceries in a local Superstore a lady- Joan, walked up and after reading the side of our RV, gave us some money for our charity and the Classroom of Hope.

This was such a beautiful moment as Joan shared her Ignite Moment was raising over 40 foster children and seeing them grow, blossom snd have children of thier own. Her story was precious and her heartfelt kindness was so evident.

We all hugged her and said thank you for her willingness to give. What a special person to just walk up to perfect strangers and offer to help.


If you want to support the 100 homes we are building and 24 schools. Please use this link. Every dollar buys a brick for the project.