Life is always an adventure

How boring would it be if everything was just predictable and what you expected. Life would be a drag, and would never challenge your thinking, solution making, or tenacity.

Just a short way in and we twisted our chain and bent some teeth on our chain ring. That required a major repair
that has us driving the rest of the way to Kelowna.

Luckily we found Leif, a portable bike repair mechanic that was a savant with bike gears and getting us back on the road.

Here’s the thing….You never know when something will go wrong or life will twist you up. You can’t plan how to prevent life’s hiccups. But what you can do is know it’s all part of a plan, a lesson and a blessing.

It worked great that we met Leif, we made a friend, shared some stores and valued one another in the process.

You can never plan when things go wrong or when they go right, so just enjoy each moment. Trust it is there to take you to your next phase in life.

It truly all works out when you see the gift in the present no matter what the wrapping paper looks like. Everything is designed to strengthen you for the next thing in your evolution.