Wisdom from the back of a bike. Day 2

Here we go my friends. 2022’s wisdom from a back of a bike. If you are new to this sharing you will soon see how riding a bike is a massive metaphor for life. Every day while I’m riding I get these huge downloads and see profoundly how riding a bike is like wisdom for life.

This year I have 10,000km to experience these downloads amd I love sharing them with you. I’m cycling coast to coast – through it all… the mountains, the Pariries, the maritimes and through the struggles, the grind, and the joys.

I love sharing the wisdom I find from this extraordinary trip. I love posting to give you a bit of what shows up when you take on such a task and yet surrender at the same time.

Today’s learning was.. “It’s not supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be exhilarating!”

Think about it. As I was pedaling up this hill every part of my body was alive, awakened, working, functioning, and like a valve, wide open. Like a masterful machine everything was clicking into gear so I had the strength I needed to perform. That doesn’t happen when things are easy, simple, or complacent. You’re body isn’t performing the way it was created to when you take the easy route. Instead when it’s exhilarating you feel everything, you experience more, you awaken to new strength and possibilities- you achieve beyond your expectations.

So often we want it to be easy, but in truth we miss out on all the glorious feelings of accomplishment, self- worth and self- pride.

Next time you want it to be easy stop and decide do you want it to be easy or do you want it to be exhilarating instead. Decide you want to feel all the feelings that come with being your optimum self. Commit to enjoying all the sensations your body can feel and choose exciting, exceptional, and extraordinary over easy. You will love how you feel!