The Basics of Balance

It seems throughout the year that we often need to take the time to regroup, rest, and reset.

With our lives as busy as they are, we have to make a conscious decision to create more balance, true calmness, and enjoyable harmony so that we can feel all that wonderfulness life has to offer.

The interesting thing is, balance has somehow become a goal and wish that many hope to one day obtain. We see it as a privilege instead of the natural state of being that all people deserve to feel. Balance has become elusive, a distant thought that seems unattainable. For others, balance is a dream, a far-out concept in our current competitive world. Sadly, for many, balance is something they simply do not have.

To bring balance into your everyday existence, think of an old-fashioned scale with your responsibilities and demands piled up on either side. For the scale to float with ease and grace, both sides have to hold the same amount of weight for it to be equal and aligned. Our lives, despite the many challenges, expectations, and responsibilities, also must have that same equalness and ease in every area of our life. To establish true harmony within ourselves, balance is the ultimate key.

This month’s goal is to get back to the basics and focus on the task of rebalancing you. This is the time to let go of the extra, the unnecessary, and the overburdensome so as to welcome a deeper sense of balance into every aspect of your life. That includes all quadrants of your world from health to happiness, finances to fitness. Realigning all the facets of you will create the harmony you require to truly feel the joyful balance you deserve.

Take a deep and expansive breath because balance is about to come your way. This issue is full of ways to find your flow, build your muscle of letting go, trust in the process, make productive habits, and honor yourself. These are the things we need to establish balance in our everyday lives and be the mirror of harmony that others need to see. When you feel a deeper sense of balance, you will have a richer experience of life.


Much love and blessings to you,
JB Owen

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