Happiness Divine

“Happiness is a muscle we need to exercise.”

Each and every day, we are blessed to awaken with a fresh new start; and a clean slate. We can look back at yesterday and feel the pangs of regret or frustration from our lack of focus… or we can choose this day — this moment — to start again. Each day is a new opportunity to do life differently.

No one says we have to be stuck on ‘repeat’ and do what we have always done. Whatever wasn’t working before can be modified and changed right here, right now. We have the choice to construct our day as we want, and we can grab hold of every opportunity to enjoy life by finding our own self-created inner happiness.

Happiness is a muscle we need to exercise. It is not something that arrives at our doorstep like a purchased package. It is a conscious choice backed by conscious decision-making and fortified with conscious intentions. We must first decide we will be happy, and then choose to be in that state.

All states of being are a choice. Ultimately, we get to choose how we want to feel. Despite our circumstances, which are only constructs of our minds that we have agreed to accept, we can create the construct of happiness all around us.

This month, happiness is on the agenda. Not searching for happiness or waiting for it to happen to us, but the active participation in making it happen. Your focus for the next 21 days will be to find your happiness, develop it, nurture it and exercise all the muscles that will make it easy to experience happiness consistently. We will establish steps, build strategies, create opportunities, and develop concepts around manifesting happiness through your own intentions.

Writing Prompt

Write out a ‘happiness’ moment that has happened to you recently or in the past that you can’t help but smile to this day. 

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