Invest in Your Craft

Contrary to common wisdom, writing is not an innate talent; it is a skill that can be learned by anyone. Yes, some people are just naturally good at writing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t become good at it with a little bit of practice and a great teacher or two.

The best writers are readers.

The more you read, the more exposure you get to great writing and the more you internalize an understanding of what differentiates passable writing from good writing and great writing from the truly exceptional. If you want to write like a master, read the work of the masters and analyze what they do so well.

Be teachable.

Humans have been writing for thousands of years and have been sharing their knowledge of how to write well for just as long. It can be hugely intimidating to consider sharing your writing with someone who is better at it than you are, but sharing your work with talented teachers and gleaning everything you can from their experience and wisdom is the best way I know to up-level your craft.

Take a course.

Stretch your writing wings by taking courses and learning from those who’ve spent a lifetime dissecting, analyzing, and learning from great writing, and who produce great writing themselves. Are you itching to figure out how to draft your own solo book and have it go bestseller? Find that success by taking the highly acclaimed writing and marketing courses offered through the Ignite Institute. Start with 5 Weeks to Formulate Your First Solo Book and see how fast and easy your writing starts flowing.

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