C in commitment


The state of being dedicated to a cause, activity, or goal.

Blast off! You’re ready to make a massive change in your life, and you’re ready to start right NOW! For the next 21 days, your focus is on your commitment to yourself. So often, we put all our energies into our work, our families, our success, and even our community. We let the goals, dreams, and aspirations that lay deep inside of us stay buried and waiting on the sidelines.

When they say, “there is no time like the present,” they mean right now. This is your starting point. Say a giant resounding, “YES” to the most important thing—you!

Over the next 21 days, we are going to dive into your ideas and beliefs around commitment. We are going to explore how you can make some clear decisions about what you want to get committed to and then go after it. The many articles inside this master plan will inspire, refine and maximize your commitment. They will unlock what has been holding you back and motivate you to go forward. There will be powerful suggestions, useful tips, and most importantly a calendar of step-by-step plans for you to do each day of the 21-day commitment.

Read through the articles however you like to learn. You might like cover-to-cover consumption so you know the big overall, or you might enjoy reading one article per day over the course of a three-week period to implement strategically. However you choose to absorb the content is up to you; just devour it with conviction. Jump ambitiously into each article so you can get the most out of every suggestion. Be willing to try new things and open yourself up fully to the realm of possibilities.

This entire document is meant to invigorate your senses with ideas and epiphanies. Each page is designed to get you moving, thinking, and accomplishing. Use it with the corresponding workbook to integrate each new tool into your daily life, creating positive habits and beneficial behaviors that will lead to more success and keep you feeling committed to your goal.

The whole point of Spark Success is to inspire you to reach the success you have always dreamed of, so use it to the fullest. Take the time to conceptualize everything you desire. Know what you are going after, and why. It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur or a fortune 500 executive; creating practical, helpful, workable and successful habits is the key to mastering your behavior and fulfilling your dreams.

Workbook Wonders.

Writing things on paper promotes a higher level of comprehension and, therefore, more focused action and better follow through. When your mind isn’t busy analyzing everything, your brain can better comprehend bigger ideas. It is when you’re not busy seeing, deciphering, and processing that you become free to intellectually reach for a greater understanding of deeper concepts that ask important questions.

The act of writing out your thoughts and ideas increases your overall success in both understanding and completing them. It amplifies neural pathways and triggers the brain to make vital connections that form incentified actions and results. It is in doing the work that the work gets done.

Connected to this masterplan is a powerful workbook designed to help you solidify and map out your thoughts. In it, you will find important exercises that will allow you to become laser focused on what action to take next. The many exercises are there to support you in getting committed, staying committed, and having fun in the process.

Writing down your ideas not only forces you to get crystal clear about what you want but increases your commitment to actually achieving the ideas in question. The more active you are in writing out your thoughts and mapping out your actions, the higher your chances of success; which means written ambitions are more powerful than thought-about wishes.

To be in the high percentage of achievers, your first step is to do the tasks in the workbook. Clearly define your commitment and your commitment strategies for the next 21 days. Dive right in and know that doing that work is the work that begins it all. How you define your goals, your commitment to them, and the actions you will take to achieve them will be easier once you set aside the time to define them.

Every workbook accompanying Spark Me is an easy-to-complete self-retrospective that awakens new ideas and uncovers details that will bring you closer to both your clarity and conviction. The exercises are exactly what you need to not just outline your commitment but make it so amazing that you absolutely want to go after it! Nothing will hold you back.

7 reasons to write it down

We all have big ideas in our minds, but writing them down will be the difference between thinking about them and achieving them. Be it a daytimer, notebook, scheduler, or online management system, the difference between thinking and putting your thoughts down in words is like the difference between sitting on the couch to watch the Olympics and actually standing on the podium and accepting the medal.

Here are 7 reasons why committing your thoughts to paper can increase your commitment and amplify your success.

1. It brings intention and attention to your goals.
Writing things down is a powerful way to solidify and validate anything and everything that you feel requires your mental attention and intention. Giving an idea life or bringing a concept to prominence in your mind can happen when you write down and move it from idle thought to concrete concept on the page.

2. It helps you process stuck emotions.
Writing things down is one way to help significantly reduce stress. In fact, according to medical studies, stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all human illness and disease. Putting your emotions to writing helps process your emotions on a deeper level. It can help you move from upset and disappointed to joyful and grateful.

3. It clears your mind and releases stress.
When you take the time to write something down, you create a sense of peace and calm; it is as if a heaviness has been lifted off your shoulders. Even if you haven’t completed anything or solved a problem, there is a feeling of release and relief that follows putting it down on the paper.

4. It manifests ideas and gets you motivated.
We know you have a strong conviction, but in order to maintain your resolve and keep yourself on purpose, you should write things down. Self-motivation doesn’t always last. You might talk yourself into feeling committed and energetic, yet subtle setbacks and obstacles may get you down and weaken your resolve. Having it in front of you—in writing—will keep you going strong.

5. It creates clarity, conviction, and priorities.
There is power in a clear direction and a mapped-out plan. With any idea, knowing the focus, intention, desire, and deliverable helps make the execution of the idea that much easier. Writing out with clarity what needs to happen, how to execute, and your ‘why,’ will help you see what needs to happen next to achieve the outcomes you want.

6. It encourages daily progress.
By writing things out, you create an outline or timeline of what you have accomplished and what you have yet to do. Writing things out allows you to see your progress and identify where you need to reflect on another form of action or kick it up and do more.

7. It builds a feeling of gratitude.
Using words to express thankfulness and gratitude raises the body’s endorphins and serotonin levels. Writing out what you are grateful for in your life, work, and relationships can increase positive thoughts, which in turn can create positive outcomes. Writing what you are thankful for will bring more of that into your life. You don’t have to know how. Just trust and do it.

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