the show must go on!

Without hesitation Peter and I have decided to purchase a new bike and carry on. There is no way our trip will end and no way we are giving up and going home.

The bike shop- Bow Cycle in Calgary was outstanding! Joe and her team were sensational. At first they told us they would BUILD us a new bike. They shockeningly had a white tandem bike frame that has been in storage for two years that they’ve been wanting to build for someone. Cannondale has a lifetime warranty on their bike frames so the shop kicked into gear saying they would make us a BRAND new bike!!

We were elated. They rallied the staff to get working on it only to call us a few hours later to share they couldn’t get all the parts for at least three weeks!! Ugg!! Are you kidding!! We don’t have three weeks.

The stress was mounting and we had no other option to just… buy a new bike. There were three in the store that they brought to show us and Peter and I both instantly picked the same one!

Bigger, faster, with 11 gears instead of 7. Larger tires to go faster, disc brakes, compression seats, all the bells and whistles a new bike has.

Bow Cycle did everything under the sun including staying after closing to gear up our NEW BIKE and get us back on the road. It was incredible to see their dedication in helping us and continue our journey.

It was hard to watch them cannibalise our first bike and take all our favourite things off to add to the new bike. But over time the new bike came to life and was fitted to our liking.

It was a lot of decision making. It was a bit stressful and painful to leave our old bike there for them to keep until we returned. AND … while we are away they will still build the white Cannondale for us to replace our broken one! Now we’ll have two bikes!! And I am keeping my original bike frame and have decided to take it home and turn it into a chandelier. That bike truly lit up my life.

I know there are a ton of lessons in this experience…

  1. do better bike maintenance
  2. trust when God tells you to stop riding
  3. surround yourself with good people who believe in your mission
  4. find the solution- never give up
  5. recieve the gifts – they are everywhere.

P.S. For those of you who knew I broke my helmet when I fell. Joe gave me a new one.

The journey continues!

Igniting humanity prevails!