When you find a pink dress you love, buy it!

How often do we see something we love and convince ourselves we don’t deserve it. Or want to do something and talk ourselves out of it! How often do we play small, give in, and don’t listen to or acknowledge what makes us happy?

While in Niagara On The Lake I saw a pink dress on a rack outside a shop. I passed by it at first, but then told Peter I wanted to go back and check it out. Did it seem indulgent? Yes! Uneccessay? Yes! Foolish? Yes. I’m not sure if you ladies ever feel like you’re being superficial or silly because you want what you want. Why do we tell ourselves we shouldn’t have something or desire what makes us happy?

Pink makes me happy. It’s like all the deliciousness of life is represented in pink and when I wear it I feel amazing. Why wouldn’t I want more of that? Those great feelings! Something that makes me happy?

Peter and I went back to the shop, I tried it on, it fit perfectly, I felt amazing! I decided to buy it without even looking at the price tag trusting that it was meant for me to have because it made me feel wonderful.

It was only $39.00!! A bargain to feel so delighted and I wore it right out of the store. I spent the rest of the afternoon wearing it, feeling happy, playful and free and knew that those feelings matter. I’m worth $39.00 or $390.00 or $3000.00. Our peace joy and hapoiness is worth everything. What makes us happy and feel great is worth going back for, saying yes to and embracing full out.

You have your thing… that makes you happy. Welcome it, surround yourself with it. Say yes to it as often as you can. Your life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. The Universe wants you to have it all. Say yes to your joy!

Say yes to you!