The Currency of Success: JB Owen and Mary Streeter

May 12, 2022 | Press Release

JB is the founder and CEO of Ignite Publishing, leaders in empowerment publishing, and visionaries in Igniting a billion lives with a billion words. Ignite books are bestsellers around the world with over 500 authors reaching international best-selling status.

Her most rewarding work is helping women transition from doing what they must to doing what they love. She is best known for her success as an innovative entrepreneur who has built successful businesses, designed award-winning products, and created international brands. Her deepest enjoyment comes from supporting others in manifesting the lives they have always wanted and the happiness they deserve.

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Zen Mama & The Addict* was started by mother and daughter, Mary and Kate Streeter, as an open discussion about the impact of addiction on their family. Honest and raw conversations about topics like rehab, dishonesty and distrust, and boundaries are the foundation of the podcast. 

The podcast has now blossomed into ZEN MAMA & EVERYDAY GURUS, a platform to share stories of struggle, resiliency, and hope. We hold space for honest conversation of how Everyday Gurus, people just like you, are finding meaning and purpose in life. Everyday people finding what lights them up inside, despite challenges –or maybe because of them. We invite you to join us as we talk to the wise among us! These conversations are full of wisdom, how people find their North Star.

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Contact Person: Tom Chesser
Phone: 210-289-5996
Country: United States