Remebering What Really Matters: Day 1

It is always a delight to get on a bike. To clip my feet into the pedals, hoist myself up, onto the tiny seat and grip the handlebars of the tandem bike belonging to Peter and me. There is a beauty in cycling, at least for me.

Today I embark on a 6700 km journey north of Alberta, up to the Yukon and in search of the Top of the World Highway near the Alaska boarder. Then we will head south through British Columbia all the way to the Untied States boarder near Washington state then across to Alberta once again.

Last year we cycled from Alberta, through Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec all the way to the New Brunswick boarder where we were denied entry into the Atlantic provinces due to covid. That had us looping around the Atlantic panhandle and cycling into Ottawa, the nation’s capital where we rode right up to the majestic parliament building; 5000km triumphant.

This year we have added onto our trip by 1700 km, hoping to go 6700km in 67 days. It is a big number especially when it is on a bike, all pedaling, all self-energy driven. But it is a doable number, a wonderful number, a number not that much different from last year. Just more fun, more excitement, adventure and freedom in all reality. I learned last year that it isn’t about the end number, it is about the experiences along the way. As much as we are geared to do the 6700km, I am more geared to enjoy every second of the ride, every morning sunrise that signifies a new day. Every breath of fresh air, every smell of life from the grass, the flowers, the fields and breeze.

I have forgotten these things. The simple pleasures, the constant examples of life busting forth. I have been working nonstop building my business, growing my brand, striving to accomplish so much, that I have truly forgotten what ‘pausing’ looks like, what looking around to notice a bird, or a wild budding bloom feels like to the spirit. I have been consumed with deadlines and timelines, contracts and completion that essence of life has been passed over and ignored.

Today, back on the bike, I was reminded of the leaves that flutter happily in the wind. The blade of grass that shimmers in the sunlight, the bugs and the birds that roam free, aimlessly, yet purposefully. I was awakened to all of nature, the source of our life force. I am reminded that we need the plants to breath, to photosynthesize, to filter the air. We need the bugs to clean the dirt, pollinate the plants, and feed the next animals in the vital cog of the eco-system. We need the sun to shine, to warm, to nature us all. Without these simple things we pay so little attention to, we would not exist.

I have made all the paperwork, the process and the planting of so many other things more important the most important things. As humans we do this, looking at the self-imposed human ‘things’ versus seeing the necessary living things that keep us all alive.

It is fitting that on day 1 of wisdom from the back of a bike I reminded of the many things that give us life, breath, light, and energy. What if making money and paying my bills was easy, but the sun was gone, air was unfiltered, breathing was challenging? Would I rather have ease of wealth and a dozen accomplishments or all the things in nature that I see from the beautiful vantage point on the back of my bike?

Wisdom reigns on the back of a bike.

Today, enjoy nature. Bask in her life, her breath, her perfect existence to make sure all that you need, you have. Bless Mother Nature and thank her for the life she gives you and love all the living organisms that live, for it is from them that you exist.