JB Owen Top Female Transformational Leader Will Be Knighted In Las Vegas On June 4th and 5th 2022

Jun 1, 2022 | Press Release

This prestigious investiture ceremony will be held at The Venetian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, NV, to welcome new members as Knights and Ladies/Dames on June 4th-5th, 2022.

The Sovereign and Royal House of Cappadocia and The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen will be holding an investiture event at The Venetian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, NV, for several nominees, including JB Owen. Owen has been hand-selected and approved on account of her service as a global leader working towards bettering the lives of others.

Much of JB’s leadership comes from the incredible impact she has made throughout her 30 years as a female business owner and entrepreneur. Her most recent accolades come from the global impact she has created with her publishing company, Ignite Publishing. Ignite goes beyond publishing internationally bestselling books that focus on empowerment, transformation, and community. They allow authors to share their powerful personal stories meant to inspire and connect with all who read them. What makes Ignite special is that they publish people’s Ignite Moments, which are those moments of realization, transformation after overcoming an obstacle, healing after a challenge, or navigating unexpected change. These moments awaken us to a better path forward and a new joy in life. Through the challenges and the ups and downs of life, we gain something powerful from our experiences— from our Ignite Moments. With hundreds of thousands of people reading these profound Ignite Moments, the world is healing, transforming, and coming together.

As Ignite’s CEO, founder, and publisher, JB has helped publish over 700 Ignite Moments. She does so in a way that brings together people who have overcome similar things, all while creating an incredible community of open sharing by inviting her authors to dig deep and uncover the beauty of their stories. JB has often urged her authors, “Step away from being the villain or the victim and instead take control of your story and write your Hero’s Journey.” She also shares, “Your past does not define you; instead, it refines you.” Many have walked away feeling transformed and free of their past pain because they joined an Ignite book and told their story. Forbes has even called JB the “Heart-centered publisher.”

Authors with Ignite love being part of these bestselling books. One author, Francis Piché, writes of his time at Ignite, “Thank you for igniting magical possibilities for all the authors to share their message and impact the world.” Another author, Faraaz Alí, shares, “My experience with Ignite has been one that I am grateful for. The knowledge acquired outweighs any resources committed. A wonderful learning and creative environment.”

On the other side, through this authentic storytelling, Ignite books are a hit with readers, having gained thousands of 5-star reviews online. Ignite books have won awards and impacted many lives. Reviews of Ignite’s most recent book, Ignite Your Wisdom, have been overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer writes, “Full of nuggets of wisdom of all kinds, and this is a wonderful compilation filled with heartfelt stories.”

Another one shared, “A truly thought-inspiring book, packed full of incredibly heartfelt and heartwarming stories, that will help you find another way of looking at life and tackling the problems you are facing. Ordinary people tell extraordinary tales of inner strength and discovery gained from experiences as diverse as surviving a tsunami to dealing with negative self-image and burnout. All of us can learn something from this book, and we can benefit from its wisdom. Highly recommendable!”

JB Owen is changing the publishing business so that the shared stories come from authentic storytellers who want to help others feel inspired, empowered, and ignited in their own lives.Along with JB’s other incredible philanthropy work, this global impact is why she is being knighted. Her goal is now to Ignite Humanity and get every person on the planet dedicated to uplifting, inspiring, and uniting each other through storytelling.

During this prestigious event, selected nominees will be bestowed with the honor and the title of Knight or Lady/Dame by His Royal Highness, the titular head of the Sovereign and Royal House of Cappadocia and San Bartolomeo, as well as the Prince Grand Master of The Constantinian Order of Cappadocia and The Royal Military Order of Saint Charles, who has fons honorum, the official and legal power to bestow legitimate titles of nobility and orders of chivalry onto other persons.

The Sovereign Constantinian Order of Cappadocia had its origins stemming back to the Imperial Guard who fought for Emperor Constantine I during the Battle of the Milvian Bridge (October 28, 312A.D.) and, with their heroic victory, led Constantine on the path of becoming the sole Emperor of Rome and towards the beginning of Rome’s conversion to Christianity.

JB Owen’s nomination comes just as she is about to embark on another one of her inspiring cycling tours with her husband, Peter Giesin. For the past two summers, JB and Peter have set off on their tandem bike on a cycling adventure to show people that anything— even a big, bold dream— is possible; you just have to start pedaling towards your goal! They have also been raising money on their trips for various charities as part of their mission to ignite lives.

In 2020, they cycled 5,000km from Red Deer, Alberta, to Ottawa, Ontario, to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation. The Sunshine Foundation is a Canadian charity that fulfills custom-made dreams for kids and youth in Canada living with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses.

In 2021, they upped the challenge and cycled 6,700km from Red Deer, Alberta, up to Alaska via the Top of the World Highway and back. They traveled through British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon to reach this incredible distance. They raised money for their own charity initiative, the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope. This initiative was created in partnership with the charity Classroom of Hope. Classroom of Hope builds schools in countries and communities where children do not have access to education. Since its founding, Classroom of Hope has built 84 schools, impacted nearly 25,000 students, given away over 1000 scholarships, and more.

The School of Hope will provide children in need with the literacy and education to lift themselves and their community out of poverty. Having an education empowers young students and gives them the skills and knowledge every child deserves to learn. JB shares she wants to “provide a place for kids who deserve so much to learn, grow, and step into their greatest potential.”

In 2021, fundraising efforts were dedicated to building a school in Cambodia. As more infrastructure needs become clear in Indonesia, JB and Classroom of Hope’s focus are shifting. This year, JB and Ignite continue to support the Classroom of Hope charitable organization with the current focus on building schools and 100 homes in Indonesia as part of a relief effort from a devastating hurricane. This initiative will provide safe learning environments for children and safe homes for families while using recycled block bricks for the construction, leaving a zero carbon footprint.

Alongside the cycling trip, Ignite also contributes the money made from online sales of their eBooks to the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope initiative. JB is proud to have built a charity component into Ignite’s business model, and she knows that so many people are being positively impacted by just one book purchase. The authors share their transformational stories, the readers discover incredible examples of inspiration, and money goes directly to the School of Hope! Most recently, Ignite Your Wisdom, the latest book from Ignite Publishing, became an international bestseller in 7 countries in less than two days, and the funds from those online eBook sales go directly to the School of Hope.

Duncan Ward, CEO of Classroom of Hope, shared his enthusiasm for the charitable work JB and Ignite are doing. He shares, “We are incredibly inspired by Ignite. The hope that these cyclists are bringing to children will manifest into a safe and secure learning environment and access to education. We all know that education unlocks the doors of opportunity, and it is a human right for every child. Many thanks from the team at Classroom of Hope.”

This year, JB and Peter continue to raise funds for the School of Hope throughout their summer cycling trip, taking them 10,000km across Canada coast-to-coast. They hope to raise the remainder of their fundraising goal through a combination of donations from their cycling trip and book sales. To build a school, $35,000 is needed. It takes 35,000 bricks to build a school, which means that every dollar donated equals one brick in the School of Hope. JB finds this image particularly powerful. She shares, “I believe in this and sees this school already built in my mind’s eye. Never have I been so committed to raising funds for something that I know will change the lives of so many children, and their children, and generations to come.”

Direct donations to the School of Hope can be made at https://fundraise.classroomofhope.org/ignite-moments.

During this summer cycling trip, JB and Peter will begin filming a docuseries to showcase the many Ignite Moments of everyday people they meet along the way and leaders of influence who believe stories can change the face of humanity the way JB does. They hope their time on the road continues to positively impact others, and people need to see that humanity can come together when we connect with one another. JB and Ignite Publishing have called this project, which includes a book along with the documentary/docuseries, Ignite Humanity.

Ignite Humanity is the perfect next step for JB and her company as she becomes knighted for her humanitarian efforts. The mission of both the book and the docuseries filming this summer in tandem with the cycling trip is to showcase groundbreaking people and ideas we can use to uplift humanity and forge an incredible world for future generations.

JB’s goal to uplift and inspire people on a global scale has the purpose of bringing people together, forming heart connections worldwide where people truly understand each other and work towards healing and joy, rather than pain and unhappiness. With her work, she aims to create a beacon of hope for humanity, and she believes we need to show everyone that positive change can happen on a global scale.

As JB began to think more about the power of humanity, she was right in the midst of her 2021 cycling journey. As she and Peter traveled thousands of kilometers through new towns and cities, the moments that truly stuck with them were the moments of genuine, wonderful connection with the kind people they met on their travels. They saw firsthand the power of the human spirit and the innate kindness others have for people, even total strangers. Many of these complete strangers showed them phenomenal support and unwavering encouragement. Being around such amazing individuals from all walks of life showed just how precious human connection is. This is where the spark to Ignite Humanity through storytelling came from for JB.

The Ignite Humanity book will be a collection of stories encompassing each author’s transformative thoughts and ideas to Ignite their own life and others. This compilation book will have a chapter dedicated to each inspiring story, told in the authors’ own words, containing a powerful, innovative message for Igniting humanity.

The docuseries will feature individuals on screen sharing their powerful Ignite Moments and their perseverance, tenacity, and strength. They will be the moments that transform them and help them step into something bigger and better in their life. Ignite is excited to share that world-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown has already committed to appearing in the series, as has Michael E. Gerber, small business guru and author of The E-Myth’s iconic book.

Of the project, JB shares, “Humanity is incredible, and I see that every single time I get up and go out into the world. Those small moments of connection are powerful. You get to meet people and see how amazing they are. What might seem like a coincidental meeting is actually the universe putting that person on your path for a reason.”

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