It’s the start of OUR time together

It’s the start of OUR time together. Peter and I dropped off the kids at their grandparents and embark on a 10 week tour without any children. It’s our first time being just us in two years. We’ve haven’t been on holiday since COVID and the last two years we’ve taken our girls riding with us each summer.

This is the first time we’ve been all alone in what seems like forever and it was delightful to hang our st the Capalano River Park and Salmon hatchery in North Vancouver.

Peter and I love to explore, learn, and see new things. It results in hours of conversation, a few google searches to compare facts and a whole lot of apperception and gratitude for how blessed life is.

Being outdoors is always a gift and one can experience lessons in everything they witness – like how these salmon follow their instincts, or how much work they put in to swim miles upstream to reach their goal.

Wherever you are today, look around and be thankful for the gifts that are all around you. See #ignitemoments in everything you do a d spend it with the person you love, growing, learning, and exploring all life has to offer.