Ignite Publishing Re-Defines Authorship with Their Empowering Client-First Approach

May 4, 2022 | Press Release

What is Ignite Publishing?

Ignite Publishing is a publishing company that focuses on inspiration, leadership, empowerment, and entrepreneurship and teaches people the business of publishing. Ignite spans the globe, having produced 19 internationally bestselling books in over 27 countries in 197 categories since our founding in 2019.

The Current Landscape

Ignite is very different from a typical publishing company because they don’t just publish books; they transform the lives of the authors they publish. They don’t just take their words and print them on a page. Ignite take their authors hand in hand through the whole process so they can grow and transform throughout the author’s journey and come out the other side enlightened, empowered, and with phenomenal tools to turn their book into an unstoppable brand and business.

Ignite is doing something no one else in the publishing industry is doing, so competition is minimal. Instead, Ignite likes to focus on the needs of their clients over the competition.

Company Birth Story

Ignite started with what they call Ignite Moments. These are those pivotal moments that provoke thought, inspire change, create ambition, new directions, and a push toward a greater version of ourselves. Sometimes those moments are difficult, complex, and challenging. Other times they are magical, uplifting, and beautiful. The stories of these Ignite Moments are the basis for every book Ignite publishes, and the company grew from there.

The Solution

Ignite turns its clients into “author-preneurs.” They help them tell their story and become bestselling authors and have an entrepreneur side to the training and support they offer their clients. They train and provide tools to entrepreneurs so they can create their own compelling marketing, branding, content, training, and service.

They are storytellers over booksellers. They are empowerers and motivators over product peddlers. They offer something more to their clients, something that transcends a transactional experience and instead builds community, inspires transformation, and positively impacts people around the globe.

A Customer Story

“Writing my story for the first time was a profound healing experience, helping me overcome the voices of my own self-doubt, allowing me to get in touch with my authenticity, and giving me the courage to share it with the world. It truly Ignited my life.”

—Albert Urena, Ignite Your Adventurous Spirit

“I have been absolutely blown away by the unexpected nuggets of gold received in the process of being part of the Ignite family. I am a photojournalist/filmmaker and have never felt such power and healing come through in my writing and my craft as during this journey.”

—Danya K Yusep, Ignite Love

The Team Culture

Ignite team is located in every corner of the world. They have been lucky to find people that are extremely talented in what they do. That has always been their motto, that when you hire people, you need to hire those that know more than what you do in their particular line of work, and this is what will be a shining light in your business that guides you to greatness.

What they love about their team is how much they value teamwork. They care not only about the success of Ignite but also about each other. They work together in sync to get everything done, and their commitment to our authors and our journey as a company is second-to-none.

They have group work chats on Messenger™ for every department. Their favorite is the ‘Magic’ thread – this is where everyone can share personal stories, photos from traveling/family, any personal news, and inspiration with each other. They celebrate each other and all our little and big triumphs along the way. They also fill it with funny Monday posts and everything in-between. They are a family, and this is what makes us walk toward success hand-in-hand on a daily basis.

A Founder Quote

“Your story does not define you instead it refines you.” — JB Owen

“A dream will always be a dream until you decide to make it a reality.” — JB Owen

How Ignite Differs From Competitors

They’re storytellers over booksellers. They’re empowerers and motivators over product peddlers. They offer something more to their clients, something that transcends a transactional experience and instead builds community, inspires transformation, and positively impacts people around the globe. Some of the greatest wisdom on this planet comes from the personal stories of everyday people who are doing something more, something greater than themselves. These are the stories Ignite shares. This is the wisdom we’re bringing to all of humanity.

Success So Far

Since 2019, Ignite has published 19 internationally bestselling books, in over 27 countries, in 197 categories. They’ve hosted incredible speaking summits, trained hundreds throughout our training programs, shared the Ignite Moments of over 700 authors, and worked with some phenomenal celebrities, including Les Brown, Ryan Serhant, and more.

Company Vision

Ignite vision is to positively impact the world through empowering storytelling and ensure their clients fulfill their life, business, and legacy goals.

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