FORBES-How This Heart-Centred Publisher Builds Businesses That Ignite Lives And Uplift Humanity

Nov 9, 2021 | Press Release

By Melissa Houston on November 9, 2021 Forbes

Writing a book can be an excellent marketing strategy but writing with the sole purpose of making money won’t cut it. Writing a book from your heart, centred around your unique story, will reach more people, and build a community of followers who resonate with your message and want to know more about your brand.

Meet JB Owen, the Founder and CEO of Ignite Publishing, a book publishing company she created in 2018 on the premise that stories bring people together and ignite moments. JB helps to transform writers into business owners by showing them how to become “authorpreneurs” and ignite their business through authentic storytelling.

The vision of Ignite Publishing is to help create a world where people feel connected and ignite a billion lives with a billion words. Helping to create books that push us forward and strive for something more life-changing is the goal.

JB Owen recently collaborated with Les Brown, the #1 motivational speaker, to not just create an inspirational book, but to also build a school for underprivileged children in rural Cambodia called The Ignite Possibility School of Hope. The duo came together with 35 phenomenal authors to bring you a book filled with inspiration, encouragement, and transformation aptly named Ignite The Hunger In You.

This book compiles the stories of leaders, visionaries, and independent thinkers who share the moments that ignited them and their hunger and how that changed their lives. Each story is a unique way of looking at what it means to ignite your hunger, sparking your drive for something more.

When writers sign up to work with Ignite Publishing, they are working through a four-month process of authoring a book and taking it from concept to bringing the author on the stage as a speaker. Writing a book is a great way to launch your business, and JB is firm in that you don’t need a business before you write a book. That business can be a result of a book.

When working with Ignite Publishing, you join a community and are in great company with other experts and industry leaders. The result is getting a book to market in a better, quicker, and more enjoyable journey.

You don’t need a platform to write a book and sell it. You can sell your book through collaborations, speaking opportunities, podcast tours, and many other ways. A book can be used as a marketing tool.




People want to know the real you. Showing up authentic to who you are, your journey, and how your business came to be speaks to your character and purpose. Customers value that and are more inclined to do business with people they feel they know.



Not only does writing your story allow you to reflect on the progress you’ve made, it also allows you to talk about the wisdom and the goodness that came from you working through your story. What you learned and how you implemented that learning will become valuable lessons to those you do business with.



You have an opportunity to inspire others when you openly share your journey and demonstrate how you’ve survived challenges and overcame obstacles. When you show others how you navigated through unknown territory, you demonstrate a way that can help them achieve their own goals and aspirations. You show them the next steps they can take to start a new chapter in their lives and work towards bettering themselves.



The impact your story can have on a person can be transforming to them. It allows you to show them the next steps they can take to start a new chapter in their lives and work towards bettering themselves.


The bottom line is JB not only wants to help and inspire others through book writing, but she is equally committed to helping others who have less exposure to literacy. JB likes to say, “when you tell your story you transform your life and that makes anything and everything possible.”

JB not only wants to help and inspire others through book writing, but she is also equally committed to helping others by promoting literacy and education for those that need it most. All the online proceeds of Ignite’s book sales go towards JB’s initiative to build 60 schools of Possibility and Hope for underprivileged children around the globe. She believes stories unite us and create inclusion for all.

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