Possibility Tour: Day 5

Jul 23, 2020

Oyen, SK to Saskatoon, SK


500km in 5 days!!!!!

This is us making the big 5 0 0 with our hands to show we reached 500km of cycling after just 5 days!!

In a blistering +33 degree, Saskatchewan heatwave Peter and I rode 126km, for 6 hours and 10minutes burning 3658 calories to reach this goal! You’ll see me sticking the Ignite Possibilities sign in the ground to firmly mark the achievement. And what an achievement it was!

Miles upon miles of open road with no shade in sight Peter and I stood with a thin picnic blanket over our heads in the ditch during breaks to block out the sun and poured water on our heads to keep cool. We just kept seeing the goal and only that.

Admits cheers and honks first passing vehicles we kept going till the setting sun and our day was complete. We never thought about it being hard or giving up. We just did the slow and steady the whole way.

Yep slow and steady does get you there. Pace yourself, see the end you desire, and do it with people who care about your success. Collaboration is the key and working with someone with the same goal as you make it faster, better, and more enjoyable. You all know I couldn’t have done it without Peter, Laurie, and my girls.

It’s a big day to be grateful for and I have to say thank you to every one of you cheering me on in your beautiful texts and posts. I’m doing this for you also – to show you that an overweight 50- year- old with no training can just decide to do something one day and go do it!!!

If I can do this you to can do your dream!! It feels exhilarating and powerful and we all deserve to feel that.