Possibility Tour: Day 6

Jul 24, 2020

Saskatoon, SK to Lanigan, SK

Day 6 – Wisdom from a bike
4.6 hours
4000 calories burned


When I started this journey, some people said it was self-indulgent. Others thought it was a bad idea to go out and talk about possibilities during both COVID, uncertain times, and financial hardship. A few people suggested I not look too happy or talk too much about the fun I was having. One even said I should try to dial it down so people don’t know I’m enjoying it

I found it interesting that COVID has had the power to make us shine less, aspire less, and not show our good feelings. It isn’t just COVID, many times in our lives when we try to lift ourselves, someone tells us to dim it down.

Let’s say forget that!!!

Dial it up. Turn up the juice on everything you know is right for you. Make it big and bold and extravagant. Forget what anyone else says about being happy. Be proud of it because it is your right. You are supposed to love life, enjoy family, bask in your talents, and have a great time. You’re meant to live in bliss. You’re designed to excel. You are built for achievements and triumphs. Your heart and soul deserve to shine as bright as possible. And you are allowed to share your excitement.

You are entitled to your dream and don’t need to ask permission. Yes COVID is still out there and times may feel uncertain but this is the time we need to expand our thinking, share positive ideas, and inspire others with goodness.

Ignite someone else with the magic you bring. Shout loud your convictions! Write it on your arm with pride that you want to fill people up with enthusiasm.

If we all started living our dreams…Fully living in the very center of our dream, imagine the world we would create!! A world of utter happiness. You, yes you… get to ignite your dream and love it! You get to have all your possibilities made possible every single day.