Possibility Tour: Day 4

Jul 20, 2020

Hanna, AB to Oyen, SK

Day 4 – Wisdom From A Bike.

We broke the 100-kilometer mark yesterday!
3800 Calories burned
4 hours and 48 minutes.

It was a great feeling yesterday to set off and go past our 100k mark. Interestingly enough… the first 50k was the hardest as wrists and butt were hurting big time the last 15k.

When we rolled into camp the girls had made a beautiful poster showering us with love and it felt like the best pit stop ever!

After lunch, we rolled our for the next 65k with one-stop for a sit in the shade and a power bar. The 18k home stretch was the easiest of the day and showed that you’ve got to push past the aches and pains off the start. Starting is the hardest. The beginning is the true test where it all hurts, new muscles are being used, new motions needing to be mastered, and the mind starts its conditioning.

With every hurt that hurt I kept reminding myself I signed up for this- I got this – I can do this.

Push past the pains at the beginning of any dreams.. cause once you do… the rest gets easier.

Ignite your life with everything you dream of. You deserve it.