Possibility Tour: Day 3

Jul 16, 2020

Drumheller, AB to Hanna, AB

Wisdom on a bike. – day 3 – “ life is like a bike ride”

When you have 98 miles of open road you get a lot of time to think…

Why do we put up road blocks in our life? Why do we stop ourselves when the path ahead is actually wide open? Why does what is in the distance seem unattainable or too far to reach?

During this ride I see the stretch of road ahead and it seems sooooo far and I wonder how I’ll make it. The brain looks at the distance and overestimate how far it really is and begins to question. When I focus on the horizon it just keeps going on forever and seems like I never gets any closer.

So I just focus on what’s beside me. On the first hill, or the upcoming sign. I notice the things right in front of me and aim to get to that. Then when I pass that I go for the next hill or the next turnoff. One by one before I know it I’ve passed the markers and have to look for the next. I stop looking at the end of the road or the farthest point, I look at what I can see that is close and obtainable – not far off in the distance.

When you know you need to get somewhere and keep looking for that final point you loose seeing the beauty of what’s right in front of you. You become so fixated on the end you don’t see the splendid of what’s around you.

We took a different road than planned today by mistake and got off on a perfect and magical path. It wasn’t the one we planned but it still got us there and in all honesty it was the perfect road to take. Trust your inner guidance system. It knows where it needs to go. It knows what road you need to take to get to YOUR dream!