We must evolve

As much as I was resisting “ letting go” of my old bike, what a joy to get on our new bike we’ve named Coco after the brand Co-Motion. Our last bike from Cannondale we called Dale, but Coco knocked it out of the park with all the new bells and whistles that makes biking so fun.

It’s taken a bit of getting used to but that’s with anything new- there is an adjusting period.

What I’ve learned is that we MUST evolve. We have to grow. Peter and I needed to go to the next level of our biking and it was time to upgrade. So often we resist change until we see how much it takes us to that next level.

We’re biking faster, stronger and with a much more enjoyable experience on this new bike. Think of how we resist getting a new phone or upgrading our computers preferring the familiar over change only to find change helps us evolve. Humans need to evolve.

We’re designed to evolve so why resist it.

On Coco we’ve jumped from 24-35 k an hour to 44k an hour and increased our climb rate and stamina with 11 gears over 7. Wowzers.
Of course it’s not a coincidence that the first town we cycled to was Drumheller.AB, home of the world’s largest dinosaur and filled with examples of our human evolution.

Share how you are evolving in your life.

#ignite humanity.