Big shout out to Tish Meehan for deciding to Ignite Humanity

Tish is a 2 time Ignite author, healer, intuitive, and supporter of the Divine Feminine Energy in women and creates sacred healing through her gifted channelling. Tish is our newest cast member in Ignite Humanity – the documentary – and is coming with us to India where we have a personal visit with the Dalia Lama!!

That’s right. We are going to India in November to meet the Dalia Lama and speak to him about Igniting Humanity. Tish is looking to have her own Ignite Moment in India and we are going to showcase her experience in the film.

It takes courage, strength, and a deep knowingness to say yes to such an endeavour and we want to thank her for bringing her gifts to others and being a part of our documentary.

Thanks to Zac and Octavio for the wonderful filming and Peter Giesin and Janine Marek who are always there to help make it all unfold.

If you’re wanting to come to India with us for a 12 day adventure and meet Tish in person, reach out!

We’re igniting humanity together!